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22 October 2019 The distribution of non-native Anolis lizards on Saint Lucia, Lesser Antilles
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Anolis lizards are common throughout the islands of the West Indies, often with several species existing in sympatry by demonstrating conspicuous niche separation. With increasing occurrences of Anolis species being introduced to islands outside of their natural range, there is potential for significant disturbance to natural Anolis communities and particularly to endemic species that have evolved in the absence of congeners. Here we report on the status of non-native Anolis lizards now present on the island of Saint Lucia, historically a single species island, and discuss the potential impact these introductions may have on endemic Anolis luciae. Through systematic visual encounter surveys and opportunistic sightings we present evidence for the widespread dispersal of Watts' anole (A. wattsi), indications of range expansion of Barbados anole (A. extremus), and the arrival and dispersal of a third species, the Cuban brown anole (A. sagrei). Our data suggest the presence of at least two of these species may be having a detrimental impact on the abundance of A. luciae, particularly in disturbed habitats.

Copyright 2019 College of Arts and Sciences University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez
Robert J. Williams, Matthew N. Morton, Jennifer C Daltry, and Adams Toussaint "The distribution of non-native Anolis lizards on Saint Lucia, Lesser Antilles," Caribbean Journal of Science 49(2-3), 281-289, (22 October 2019).
Published: 22 October 2019

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