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31 January 2019 Looking for Striped Bass in Atlantic Canada: The Reconciliation of Local, Scientific, and Historical Knowledge
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Morone saxatilis (Striped Bass) occurs throughout the provinces of Atlantic Canada, but its full distribution in the region is undescribed. Canadian Striped Bass populations are grouped by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) into 3 geographically distinct Designatable Units: Saint Lawrence River, Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, and Bay of Fundy. Striped Bass also occurs in many other unclassified Canadian regions, and growing evidence suggests that some of these locations may support distinct, uncharacterized populations. The recreational fisheries for Striped Bass are rapidly increasing in popularity in Canada, and thus, it has become of great importance to both recognize the species' full distribution and manage the fisheries therein. We compiled recent research, certified angling catches, historic accounts, grey literature, and anecdotal reports to identify coastal sites and rivers where Striped Bass have been reported. Our findings will help managers and researchers target rivers and coastal areas for assessment and study to encompass the entirety of the species' range in Canadian waters. Our report suggests that a fourth Designatable Unit for Eastern Cape Breton Island and Northeastern Nova Scotia is needed to both monitor and manage assemblages of Canadian Striped Bass.

Samuel N. Andrews, Michael J. Dadswell, Colin F. Buhariwalla, Tommi Linnansaari, and R. Allen Curry "Looking for Striped Bass in Atlantic Canada: The Reconciliation of Local, Scientific, and Historical Knowledge," Northeastern Naturalist 26(1), 1-30, (31 January 2019).
Published: 31 January 2019

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