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14 March 2014 Rhytismataceae (Ascomycota) in Cuba
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Knowledge of Rhytismataceae (Ascomycota) in Cuba is inadequate; many specimens have been collected and identified by foreign specialists and many types are mostly preserved in reference collections of other countries. Following extensive field and herbarium studies, nine species of Rhytismataceae are reported, discussed and illustrated from Cuba, of which three: Coccomyces leptosporus, C. tesselatus and Lophodermium mangiferae are new for this country. Six other species: Coccomyces clusiae, C. limitatus, Lophodermium australe, L. platyplacum, Marthamyces quadrifidus and Terriera minor, which had been reported previously, are now confirmed. New host records for some species are also presented. Fruit bodies and spores, as well as ecology of the species included, are described. An identification key to the accepted species in Cuba is provided and host organisms are cited.

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Milay Cabarroi Hernández, Peter R. Johnston, and David W. Minter "Rhytismataceae (Ascomycota) in Cuba," Willdenowia 44(1), 65-75, (14 March 2014).
Published: 14 March 2014

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