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22 September 2015 Retypification of Cheilanthes incisa (Pteridaceae)
Pedro Bond Schwartsburd, Jefferson Prado
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A neotype was chosen for Cheilanthes incisa by previous workers because there were apparently no extant syntypes. Recently, we found some extant isosyntypes in some European herbaria (L, LE, OXF, and PRC). Thus, we here select a lectotype for C. incisa, superseding the previous neotype. We also provide an updated synonymy.

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Pedro Bond Schwartsburd and Jefferson Prado "Retypification of Cheilanthes incisa (Pteridaceae)," American Fern Journal 105(3), 257-261, (22 September 2015).
Published: 22 September 2015
Asplenium fluminense
August Gustav Heinrich Bongard
Heinrich Karl Beyrich
Hypolepis incisa
Lonchitis tenuifolia
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