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1 May 2015 Revision, Phylogeny, and Biogeography of the Spittlebug Tribe Capnodistini (Hemiptera: Cercopoidea: Aphrophoridae) from Southeast Asia
Ai-Ping Liang
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The southeast Asian spittlebug tribe Capnodistini (Hemiptera: Cercopoidea: Aphrophoridae) is defined to include two genera Capnodistes Breddin and Dinda Distant. Three new species are described and illustrated: Dinda flavimacula sp. nov. (southwest China: Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou), Capnodistes latipenis sp. nov. (Indonesia: Sumatra) and Capnodistes sandakanensis sp. nov. (Malaysia: Borneo). Daha Distant is proposed as a new junior synonym of Capnodistes Breddin. Three new combinations, Capnodistes arietarius (Distant, 1908), comb. nov. (from Daha), C. kuchingensis (Distant, 1908), comb. nov. (from Daha) and Dinda carpio (Breddin, 1903), comb. nov. (from Capnodistes) are established. Lectotypes are newly designated for D. maura, C. arietarius, and C. kuchingensis. Dinda carpio, C. arietarius, and C. esox are reported from Singapore, Laos and Malaysia (Malay Peninsula, Sarawak), and Singapore, respectively, for the first time. Keys for the separation of Capnodistes and Dinda and their included species are respectively provided. New ultrsastructural characters of antennal and rostral sensilla are presented with scanning electron micrographs. Cladistic analysis of the phylogenetic relationships among species in Capnodistini shows that Capnodistini, Capnodistes and Dinda are all monophyletic. The biogeographic implications of the tribal distribution are discussed on the basis of the phylogenetic hypothesis. A distinct distributional track running from southwest China (including south Yunna, south Guizhou, and south Guangxi) via Indochina and Malay Peninsula to Lesser Sunda (including Borneo and Sumatra) is revealed. Three areas of endemism, e.g., southwest China (including south Yunnan, south Guizhou, and south Guangxi) north Burma north Indochina, Malay Peninsula, and north Boreno are recognized, and the area relationships revealed by the area cladograms are southwest China north Burma north Indochina (Malay Peninsula north Borneo).

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Ai-Ping Liang "Revision, Phylogeny, and Biogeography of the Spittlebug Tribe Capnodistini (Hemiptera: Cercopoidea: Aphrophoridae) from Southeast Asia," Annals of the Entomological Society of America 108(3), 383-402, (1 May 2015).
Received: 15 July 2013; Accepted: 29 January 2015; Published: 1 May 2015

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antennal sensilla
area of endismism
area relationships
distributional track
rostral sensilla
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