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3 October 2019 Explorative GPS-Tracking of Foraging Movements by Audouin's Gulls Reveals No Association with Fishing Vessels in Croatia
Luka Jurinović, Mate Zec, Vlatka Dumbović Mazal, Jelena Kralj
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The Audouin's Gull Larus audouinii is endemic to the Mediterranean, with the majority of the global population concentrated in Spain. It mainly feeds on small pelagic fish during the night; however, there is more variation in the foraging behaviour of the Ebro Delta population, with birds also feeding during the day and inland. This plasticity was identified as one of the main factors involved in the increase in population size since 1980. However, foraging movements have only been poorly studied in other populations. We studied the movements of Audouin's Gulls breeding in the small, endangered Croatian population, foraging at the Adriatic Sea, and compared their behaviour with that of conspecifics in the increasing Spanish population in Ebro Delta. Five incubating adults were equipped with a GPS-GSM solar-powered tracking device. We analysed characteristics of short and long foraging trips, differences in movement patterns between sexes and between night and daytime, and the association of gulls with fishing vessels. Daily average trip lengths were similar for all birds, while individual patterns were very diverse. Birds undertook both short (up to 45 km) and long-distance trips (up to 256 km), with length of trips, trip duration and the maximum distance being greater for females. The comparison of gull GPS-fixes with tracking data (VMS) of purse seine fishing vessels showed that birds from the Croatian population, in contrast to the Spanish birds, did not associate with fishing vessels, nor did their foraging behaviour change as an effect of a fishing moratorium. Our results showed that long-distance movements were longer and more frequent than those recorded in other populations, which suggests that depending on non-anthropogenic resources may result in a high cost of chick-rearing.

Luka Jurinović, Mate Zec, Vlatka Dumbović Mazal, and Jelena Kralj "Explorative GPS-Tracking of Foraging Movements by Audouin's Gulls Reveals No Association with Fishing Vessels in Croatia," Ardea 107(2), 213-221, (3 October 2019).
Received: 3 October 2018; Accepted: 3 July 2019; Published: 3 October 2019

Adriatic Sea
daily activity
seabird-fisheries interactions
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