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1 January 2003 Avian Infectious Bronchitis: Characterization of New Isolates from Italy
A. Zanella, A. Lavazza, R. Marchi, A. Moreno Martin, F. Paganelli
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The isolation of four new variants or serotypes of avian infectious bronchitis virus in Italy is reported. The antigenic characteristics of these strains were investigated by cross-neutralization tests with the new isolates, Fa 6881/97, AZ 27/98, AZ 20/97, and BS 216/01; two of the most common European serotypes, AZ 23/74 and CR 88121 (793B); and the classic Massachusetts M41 serotype in association with a panel of 17 specific antisera. On the basis of the results obtained, the new isolates show relevant serologic differences. In fact, the four isolates were not neutralized by antisera against the most common European and American serotypes; the AZ 20/97 isolate was partially neutralized by FA 6881/97 antiserum but not reciprocally.

The closely related Fa 6881/97 and AZ 27/98 isolates can be considered rather diffused in our country because they have been isolated over 20 times in the last 3 yr in different parts of Italy. On the contrary, the AZ 20/97 and BS 216/01 isolates were reported only once so far.

The reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction showed that Fa 6881/97 isolate is related to 793B isolate, whereas AZ 27/98 and BS 216/01 isolates appeared not to be related to the most common European and Massachusetts serotypes.

A. Zanella, A. Lavazza, R. Marchi, A. Moreno Martin, and F. Paganelli "Avian Infectious Bronchitis: Characterization of New Isolates from Italy," Avian Diseases 47(1), 180-185, (1 January 2003).[0180:AIBCON]2.0.CO;2
Received: 1 May 2002; Published: 1 January 2003

infectious bronchitis virus
reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction
virus neutralization
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