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1 March 2006 Biological and Molecular Characterization of Chicken Anemia Virus Isolates from Slovenia
Uroš Krapež, Darja Barlič-Maganja, Ivan Toplak, Peter Hostnik, Olga Zorman Rojs
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The presence of chicken anemia virus (CAV) in Slovenia was confirmed by inoculation of 1-day-old chickens without antibodies against CAV and isolation of the virus on the Marek's disease chicken cell–MSB1 line and by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Experimental inoculation of 1-day-old chickens resulted in lower hematocrit values, atrophy of the thymus, and atrophy of bone marrow. CAV was confirmed by PCR in the thymus, bone marrow, bursa of Fabricius, liver, spleen, ileocecal tonsils, duodenum, and proventriculus. The nucleotide sequence of the whole viral protein (VP)1 gene was determined by direct sequencing. Alignment of VP1 nucleotide sequences of Slovenian CAV isolates (CAV-69/00, CAV-469/01, and CAV-130/03) showed 99.4% to 99.9% homology. The VP1 nucleotide sequence alignment of Slovenian isolates with 19 other CAV strains demonstrated 94.4% to 99.4% homology. Slovenian isolates shared highest homology with the BD-3 isolate from Bangladesh. Alignment of the deduced VP1 amino acids showed that the Slovenian isolates shared 100% homology and had an amino acid sequence most similar to the BD-3 strain from Bangladesh (99.6%) and were 99.1% similar to the G6 strain from Japan and the L-028 strain from the United States. The Slovenian isolates were least similar (96.6%) to the 82-2 strain from Japan.

A phylogenetic analysis on the basis of the alignment of the VP1 amino acids showed that CAV isolates used in the study formed three groups that indicated the possible existence of genetic groups among CAV strains. The CAV isolates were grouped together independent of their geographic origin and pathogenicity.

Uroš Krapež, Darja Barlič-Maganja, Ivan Toplak, Peter Hostnik, and Olga Zorman Rojs "Biological and Molecular Characterization of Chicken Anemia Virus Isolates from Slovenia," Avian Diseases 50(1), 69-76, (1 March 2006).
Received: 21 July 2005; Accepted: 1 October 2005; Published: 1 March 2006

broiler chickens
chicken anemia virus
phylogenetic analysis
VP1 sequence analysis
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