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1 March 2008 Reproduction of Fowl Typhoid by Respiratory Challenge with Salmonella Gallinarum
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Fowl typhoid is a disease of adult chickens and is caused by Salmonella Gallinarum infection via the alimentary tract. The experimental reproduction of fowl typhoid per os (PO) requires artificial conditions to minimize the effect of gastric acid, and several Salmonella serovars have been known to be transmitted via the respiratory route. Therefore, we have hypothesized the existence of a respiratory route for Salmonella Gallinarum infection and have attempted to reproduce fowl typhoid via intratracheal challenge. In accordance with our hypothesis, the intratracheal challenges of Salmonella Gallinarum reproduced exactly same lesions as fowl typhoid and induced higher mortality and morbidity than those of the PO challenge. Therefore, this study represents the first reproduction of fowl typhoid via respiratory route, and our findings may be useful for understanding the transmission of Salmonella Gallinarum in the field.

Hom Bahadur Basnet, Hyuk-Joon Kwon, Sun-Hee Cho, Sun-Joong Kim, Han-Sang Yoo, Yong-Ho Park, Seong-Il Yoon, Nam-Sik Shin, and Hee-Jeong Youn "Reproduction of Fowl Typhoid by Respiratory Challenge with Salmonella Gallinarum," Avian Diseases 52(1), 156-159, (1 March 2008).
Received: 26 March 2007; Accepted: 1 September 2007; Published: 1 March 2008

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