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1 May 2000 Identification of a Novel Testis-Specific Leucine-Rich Protein in Humans and Mice
Ji-Chun Xue, Erwin Goldberg
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A novel testis-specific protein, termed LRTP, was identified by screening both human and mouse testis and mouse pachytene spermatocyte cDNA libraries. Sequence analyses (GenBank accession number: AF092208) revealed that LRTP contains an amino terminus leucine-rich repeat domain. There are several acidic regions rich in glutamic acid in the C-terminus. The sequence, by GenBank search, shows similarities to LANP and SDS22 , leucine-rich repeat proteins localized to the nucleus and involved in the regulation of protein phosphatases. In mouse, the mRNA is first detected at about Day 14 postpartum, presumably when mid-pachytene spermatocytes are first seen. In situ hybridization confirmed the expression of the LRTP mRNA at this stage of spermatogenesis. Immunohistochemical analysis revealed that the protein is most abundant in the cytoplasm of pachytene and diplotene cells, corresponding to late prophase of meiosis I. Immunohistochemical localization is markedly reduced in secondary spermatocytes, suggesting a functional association of LRTP with meiosis. An LRTP cDNA probe did not bind to mouse ovary RNA in a dot blot assay.

Ji-Chun Xue and Erwin Goldberg "Identification of a Novel Testis-Specific Leucine-Rich Protein in Humans and Mice," Biology of Reproduction 62(5), 1278-1284, (1 May 2000).
Received: 8 September 1999; Accepted: 1 December 1999; Published: 1 May 2000
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