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1 January 2012 CDC Tetris green field pea
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Warkentin, T. D., Vandenberg, A., Tar'an, B., Banniza, S., Bett, K. E., Barlow, B., Ife, S., Horner, J., de Silva, D., Thompson, M., Parada, M., Wagenhoffer, S. and Prado, T. 2012. CDC Tetris green field pea. Can. J. Plant Sci. 92: 217-219. CDC Tetris, a green cotyledon field pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivar, was released in 2010 by the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan for distribution to Select seed growers in Saskatchewan and Alberta through the Variety Release Committee of the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. CDC Tetris has good lodging resistance, powdery mildew resistance, medium-sized seeds with blocky shape, good cotyledon bleaching resistance and good yielding ability. CDC Tetris is adapted to the field pea growing regions of western Canada.

T. D. Warkentin, A. Vandenberg, B. Tar'an, S. Banniza, K. E. Bett, B. Barlow, S. Ife, J. Horner, D. de Silva, M. Thompson, M. Parada, S. Wagenhoffer, and T. Prado "CDC Tetris green field pea," Canadian Journal of Plant Science 92(1), 217-219, (1 January 2012).
Received: 29 April 2011; Accepted: 1 September 2011; Published: 1 January 2012

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