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1 March 2013 Vesper hard red spring wheat
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Thomas, J., Fox, S., McCallum, B., Fetch, T., Gilbert, J., Menzies, J., Wise, I., Smith, M., Gaudet, D., Niziol, D., Humphreys, G. and Brown, D. 2013. Vesper hard red spring wheat. Can. J. Plant Sci. 93: 315-321. Vesper is a high-yielding, hard red spring wheat that is adapted to the wheat-growing regions of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In the Central Bread Wheat Cooperative Registration Trials of 2007, 2008 and 2009, Vesper out-yielded five check cultivars by an average of 12%, and Unity, which was the highest yielding check, by 4.6%. Lodging, height and maturity scores of Vesper were all intermediate (similar to the check mean). Pre-harvest sprouting resistance of Vesper was equivalent to the poorer checks (Katepwa and CDC Teal). Kernels of Vesper were heavier than all five checks and test weight was high (exceeded only by Unity). Vesper was resistant to leaf rust and was moderately resistant to stem rust and Fusarium head blight. Vesper was intermediately resistant to loose smut and was susceptible to common bunt. Spikes of Vesper showed two forms of resistance to wheat midge: antibiotic resistance (no larvae observed in the field) and antixenotic resistance (reduced egg numbers laid by caged ovipositing females). Over 3 yr of testing, end use quality of Vesper was rated as eligible for the Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) market class of wheat. Kernels of Vesper were relatively hard with consequent high water absorption.

J. Thomas, S. Fox, B. McCallum, T. Fetch, J. Gilbert, J. Menzies, I. Wise, M. Smith, T. Despins, D Niziol, G. Humphreys, and D. Brown "Vesper hard red spring wheat," Canadian Journal of Plant Science 93(2), 315-321, (1 March 2013).
Received: 14 September 2012; Accepted: 1 November 2012; Published: 1 March 2013

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