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1 July 2012 Notes on the Flora of Madagascar, 22–25

Callmander, M. W., P. B. Phillipson & L. Gautier (ed.) (2012). Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 22–25. Candollea 67: 137–151. In French and English, English and French abstracts.

Ongoing research on Madagascar's flora is revealing numerous taxonomic novelties and nomenclatural inconsistencies, and providing new data on species distribution. This is the fourth set of notes in a series that aims to provide the botanical community working on the flora of Madagascar an opportunity to publish short communications on these topics, and comprises four notes.

Note 22. Description of the fruit of Tabernaemontana capuronii Leeuwenb. (Apocynaceae), 40 years after the discovery of this species, by Lucile Allorge & Adolphe Lehavana. The fruit of an Apocynaceae (Tabernaemontaneae), Tabernaemontana capuronii Leeuwenb. (described as Capuronetta elegans Markgr. in 1972) is described for the first time. The fruit is of scientific interest because of the contested systematic position of this species.

Note 23. Notes on the genus Ochna L. (Ochnaceae) in Madagascar, by Martin W. Callmander & Peter B. Phillipson. Four Ochnaceae species originally described in the genera Diporidium Tiegh., Discladium Tiegh. and Polythecium Tiegh. are formally transferred to the genus Ochna, following currently accepted generic delimitation in the family. The necessary combinations Ochna baronii (Tiegh.) Callm. & Phillipson, Ochna louvelii (H. Perrier) Callm. & Phillipson and Ochna thouvenotii (H. Perrier) Callm. & Phillipson are provided. A new name is required for Polythecium macranthum Tiegh.: Ochna sambiranensis Callm. & Phillipson.

Note 24. Peltophorum dasyrhachis (Miq.) Kurz: a new record of a Southeast Asian species of Fabaceae (Caesalpinioideae) naturalized in northwestern Madagascar, by Zachary S. Rogers and Mats Thulin. Two recent Fabaceae collections from northwestern Madagascar document the presence of Peltophorum dasyrhachis (Miq.) Kurz in the country. This discovery signals a new naturalized species of Caesalpinioideae for Madagascar and adds another genus to the island's highly diverse flora. The orthography and authorship of the name is discussed and a lectotype is designated.

Note 25. Mimusops coriacea (A. DC.) Miq. (Sapotaceae): nomenclature, distribution and ecology, by Laurent Gautier, Louis Nusbaumer, Rhéa Garrat, Richard Randrianaivo & Peter B. Phillipson. Mimusops coriacea (A. DC.) Miq., a useful species of the littoral forests of the humid coasts of Madagascar is still often erroneously refered to as Mimusops commersonii (Engl.) G. Don. The authors confirm the nomenclature of this useful species. They present a distribution map, analyze it, and discuss its phenology and conservation status.

"Notes on the Flora of Madagascar, 22–25," Candollea 67(1), 137-151, (1 July 2012).
Published: 1 July 2012

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