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VOL. 83 · NO. 1 | May 2018
Timothy M. Shearman, G. Geoff Wang, Robert K. Peet, Thomas R. Wentworth, Michael P. Schafale, Alan S. Weakley
Castanea 83 (1), 3-27, (28 December 2017)
KEYWORDS: Carolina Vegetation Survey, forest disease, red bay, swamp bay, US-NVC
Linda C. Fuselier, Margaret Carreiro, Lindsay Nason
Castanea 83 (1), 28-37, (28 December 2017)
KEYWORDS: ferns, forest management, Lonicera maackii, spore bank, urban ecology
Jay F. Bolin, Carmony L. Hartwig, Peter Schafran, Slavko Komarnytsky
Castanea 83 (1), 38-47, (28 December 2017)
Christian Rabot, W. John Hayden
Castanea 83 (1), 48-53, (28 December 2017)
Cynthia D. Huebner, David W. McGill
Castanea 83 (1), 54-76, (15 January 2018)
KEYWORDS: Appalachian plateau province, diameter-limit cut, fire, ridge and valley province, shelterwood harvest
Nathan J. Paris, Jennifer M. Cruse-Sanders, Robert S. Boyd
Castanea 83 (1), 77-87, (15 January 2018)
KEYWORDS: asexual reproduction, cloning, rare plant, tuber
Coleman Minney, Andrew P. Landsman
Castanea 83 (1), 88-90, (15 January 2018)
No abstract available
Jennifer A. Messick, Bruce W. Hoagland
Castanea 83 (1), 91-103, (19 January 2018)
KEYWORDS: Germination,, Penstemon oklahomensis, seed production, survival analysis
Barbara I. Blonder, John M. Wooldridge, Mary B. Garrard
Castanea 83 (1), 104-121, (19 January 2018) Open Access
KEYWORDS: disturbance, fire exclusion, pyrophytic, return interval, Succession
Joel M. Gramling, Daniel J. Castillo, Johnathan M. Overcash, Patrick D. McMillan, Richard D. Porcher
Castanea 83 (1), 122-123, (19 January 2018)
No abstract available
Wendy B. Zomlefer, J. Richard Carter, James R. Allison, W. Wilson Baker, David E. Giannasi, Steven C. Hughes, Ron W. Lance, Phillip D. Lowe, Patrick S. Lynch, Jennifer T. Miller, Thomas S. Patrick, Eric Prostko, Sabrina Y.S. Sewell, Alan S. Weakley
Castanea 83 (1), 124-139, (15 February 2018) Open Access
KEYWORDS: floristics, Georgia, herbarium, naturalized plants, range extensions
Joshua J. Granger, David S. Buckley, John M. Zobel
Castanea 83 (1), 140-151, (15 February 2018)
KEYWORDS: conservation, microsite factors, mountain stewartia, Stewartia ovata (Cav.) Weatherby, Theaceae
Rachel B Butler, Michael K Crosby, B. Nicole Hodges
Castanea 83 (1), 152-159, (23 February 2018)
KEYWORDS: Acer rubrum, forest changes, importance value, old-growth forest, Succession
William E. McClain, Loy R. Phillippe, John E. Ebinger
Castanea 83 (1), 160-168, (26 March 2018)
KEYWORDS: Illinois Ozarks, loess hill prairie, prairie grasses, woody invasion, Species loss
Allison Cusick
Castanea 83 (1), 169-170, (1 May 2018)
No abstract available
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