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7 January 2022 Scientific Note: Hydrochory in Sabal minor (Arecaceae)
R. Harold Jones
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The current cycle of global warming has contracted some range restricted species while concurrently expanding the range of more adaptable species. Sabal minor is a member of Arecaceae, the palm family, and is confined to lower latitudes in both western hemispheres. Latitudinal limitation of S. minor is believed to be related to low temperature intolerance. However the exact mechanism remains elusive. In this study reproductive fecundity of anthropogenically introduced populations in southern Virginia Beach, Virginia, was evaluated. Diaspore viability, approximated by floatability of fruits, was used to evaluate distribution by hydrochory. This study also documents a previously unidentified condition of fungal mass growth around the fruits of S. minor during buoyancy testing and suggests some areas for additional investigation.

Copyright 2021 Southern Appalachian Botanical Society
R. Harold Jones "Scientific Note: Hydrochory in Sabal minor (Arecaceae)," Castanea 86(2), 266-270, (7 January 2022).
Received: 9 January 2021; Accepted: 14 October 2021; Published: 7 January 2022
Sabal minor
Virginia Beach
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