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17 January 2024 An Approximation of the Sex Determination Parameters in the Savanna Side-Necked Turtle Podocnemis vogli (Podocnemididae)
Vivian P. Páez, Johana Pérez, Felipe Parra, Brian C. Bock
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With the exception of the savanna side-necked turtle (Podocnemis vogli) and the redheaded river turtle (Podocnemis erythrocephala), the species within the pleurodire genus Podocnemis have been relatively well-characterized in terms of their temperature-dependent sex determination (TSD) parameters. In this study, we incubated 4 nests of P. vogli (46 eggs) under controlled laboratory incubation conditions to determine whether this species also presents a TSD Ia pattern where males are produced at lower temperatures, characterize the constant temperature producing a 1:1 sex ratio (Tpiv), and document the transitional range of temperatures (TRT) that produces both sexes. The incubation temperatures employed were 29°, 31°, and 33°C (± 0.15°C). Our results were consistent with the conclusion that P. vogli exhibits a TSD Ia pattern, but it was not possible to document the Tpiv or the superior TRT, because the 29° and 31°C conditions produced all males and even the 33°C condition produced male-biased sex ratios, suggesting a high pivotal temperature for this species. We also documented maternal effects in initial size of the hatchlings, with the female that laid larger eggs producing hatchlings that were larger. Incubation periods of P. vogli were notably longer than those of its congeners incubated under comparable constant temperature and soil moisture conditions. In species of this genus, the TSD Ia pattern suggests that besides the threats these species face from overexploitation and habitat degradation, they also are highly vulnerable to the effects of global warming.

Vivian P. Páez, Johana Pérez, Felipe Parra, and Brian C. Bock "An Approximation of the Sex Determination Parameters in the Savanna Side-Necked Turtle Podocnemis vogli (Podocnemididae)," Chelonian Conservation and Biology 22(2), 175-183, (17 January 2024).
Received: 9 October 2022; Accepted: 10 March 2023; Published: 17 January 2024
Maternal effects
pivotal temperature
temperature-dependent sex determination
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