1 July 2013 Parasites of Bloater Coregonus hoyi (Salmonidae) from Lake Michigan, U.S.A
Patrick M. Muzzall, Charles P. Madenjian
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In total, 158 bloaters Coregonus hoyi collected in September and October 2011 from 4 Lake Michigan, U.S.A., ports were examined for parasites. The ports included Waukegan (WK), Illinois; Port Washington (PW) and Sturgeon Bay (SB), Wisconsin; and Saugatuck (SG), Michigan. Parasites found in bloaters by port were cestodes Cyathocephalus truncatus (WK, PW, and SB) and Eubothrium salvelini (WK, PW, SB, and SG); the nematode Cystidicola farionis (WK, PW, SB, and SG); acanthocephalans Acanthocephalus dirus (WK and PW), Echinorhynchus salmonis (WK, PW, and SB), and Neoechinorhynchus tumidus (SB); and the copepod Salmincola corpulentus (WK and PW). Gravid individuals of all parasite species were found except for E. salvelini and A. dirus. Cystidicola farionis had the highest prevalence at each port, and the highest mean intensity and mean abundance at PW. The numbers of C. farionis at PW were significantly higher than those at WK and SB. Echinorhynchus salvelini had the highest mean intensities and mean abundances at WK, SB, and SG. The values for parasite species richness in bloaters were similar among ports. The total numbers of parasites were similar between WK and PW, but they were higher at these ports than at SB. The parasite faunas of bloaters were characterized by autogenic helminth species.

The Helminthological Society of Washington
Patrick M. Muzzall and Charles P. Madenjian "Parasites of Bloater Coregonus hoyi (Salmonidae) from Lake Michigan, U.S.A," Comparative Parasitology 80(2), 164-170, (1 July 2013). https://doi.org/10.1654/4617.1
Published: 1 July 2013
Coregonus hoyi
Lake Michigan
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