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1 July 2016 Helminth Parasites of the Smooth-Backed Frog, Lithobates psilonota (Amphibia: Ranidae), from Western Mexico
Angeles R. Romero-Mayén, Luis García-Prieto, Virginia León-Règagnon
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During 2009 and 2010, 87 specimens of the smooth-backed frog, Lithobates psilonota, from 2 localities (Atenquique and Zapopan) in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, were collected and analyzed for helminths. A total of 816 helminth specimens representing 9 species (7 adults and 2 larvae) were collected. The helminthological record for this host species is composed by 5 digeneans, 3 nematodes, and 1 acanthocephalan. Hosts from both sites shared the nematode Foleyellides sp. and the digeneans Haematoloechus sp., Megalodiscus americanus, and Glypthelmins quieta. On the other hand, Halipegus psilonota, Gorgoderina sp. (Trematoda), Eustrongylides sp., and Rhabdias sp. (Nematoda) were exclusively found in frogs from Atenquique. The acanthocephalan Oncicola sp. was found only in hosts from Zapopan. The most prevalent helminth species in both localities was M. americanus, reaching the highest levels in hosts from Atenquique. The composition of the helminthological record of L. psilonota is compared with those described for the other 8 species of this amphibian genus studied in Mexico; in these host species, the richness ranges from 6 to 21 species and abundance from 194 to 18,434 individuals. Richness and abundance of the parasite community of L. psilonota is dominated by digeneans. Most of the species that parasitize Ranidae hosts in Mexico infect them through ingestion of eggs or larval stages; some others are recruited via penetration or mosquito bite. Finally, the helminth fauna of L. psilonota shows a Nearctic influence coupled with a high percentage of endemic species that suggests an important coevolutionary component in the history of the association of this group of frogs and their helminths.

The Helminthological Society of Washington
Angeles R. Romero-Mayén, Luis García-Prieto, and Virginia León-Règagnon "Helminth Parasites of the Smooth-Backed Frog, Lithobates psilonota (Amphibia: Ranidae), from Western Mexico," Comparative Parasitology 83(2), 178-191, (1 July 2016).
Published: 1 July 2016

Lithobates psilonota
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