1 July 2014 Updated Checklist of the Bryophytes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains (S of Spain)
Susana Rams, Olaf Werner, Rosa M. Ros
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A revised and updated checklist of the bryophytes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Southern Spain) is presented, based on a compilation of bibliographic records, a revision of herbarium specimens and extensive field work. The Sierra Nevada, which occupies around 2000 km2, is the southernmost mountain range in continental Europe. It has a wide diversity of habitats due to its range of altitude, a variable landscape, geological substrata and soil, hydrological resources, climate, etc. It is therefore of great botanical interest within the Mediterranean Region. A total of 395 taxa are currently accepted in the area: 2 Anthocerophyta, 69 Marchantiophyta and 324 Bryophyta (excluding infraspecific taxa, there are 2 species of hornworts, 68 species of liverworts and 309 species of mosses). The total number of species represents 21.8% of the European, 24.2% of the Mediterranean and 35.3% of the Iberian bryoflora. In addition, a total of 35 taxa are considered to be doubtfully present in the area, and 34 are excluded from the final list. Among the accepted species, three are included in the category of Critically Endangered in the Spanish Red List of threatened bryophytes, one is Endangered, 19 are Vulnerable, and one is considered Extinct in the studied area. The main threats for bryophytes in the area are analyzed. The original material of Bryum perremotifolium Thér., from the Sierra Nevada, is lectotypified and reidentified as Bryum schleicheri.

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Susana Rams, Olaf Werner, and Rosa M. Ros "Updated Checklist of the Bryophytes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains (S of Spain)," Cryptogamie, Bryologie 35(3), 261-311, (1 July 2014). https://doi.org/10.7872/cryb.v35.iss3.2014.261
Published: 1 July 2014

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