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1 August 2013 Gallery Productivity, Emergence, and Flight Activity of the Redbay Ambrosia Beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae)
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Flight and emergence of the redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus Eichhoff, were monitored from March 2011 through August 2012 using Lindgren funnel traps baited with manuka oil and emergence traps attached over individual beetle galleries on infested redbay (Persea borbonia (L.) Sprengel) trees. Of the 432 gallery entrances covered with emergence traps, 235 (54.4%) successfully produced at least two adults. Gallery success rates and time until adult emergence were highly variable and strongly depended on time of year galleries were initiated. Successful galleries produced 23.4 ± 2.50 (fi01_642.gif ± SE) adult X. glabratus but one had 316 adults emerge from it. Galleries were active for an average of 231.9 ± 6.13 d but five were active for over 1 yr and one gallery produced beetles for 497 d. In total, 5,345 female and 196 males were collected during the study resulting in a sex ratio of ≈27:1 (female:male) emerging from galleries. Ambrosia beetles other than X. glabratus were recovered from 18 galleries or ≈4% of those studied. Beetles that attacked larger diameter trees were more likely to be successful and produce more brood. Lindgren trap captures reflected emergence trap collections but with a delay of about 1 mo between peaks in emergence and capture in traps. Peaks of activity occurred in fall 2011 and spring 2012, but at least some adult beetles were collected using both methods in every month of the year.

M. Lake Maner, James L. Hanula, and S. Kristine Braman "Gallery Productivity, Emergence, and Flight Activity of the Redbay Ambrosia Beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae)," Environmental Entomology 42(4), 642-647, (1 August 2013).
Received: 16 January 2013; Accepted: 1 April 2013; Published: 1 August 2013

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