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1 June 2010 Illustrations and Studies in Neotropical Orchidaceae—The Lepanthes jimenezii Group (Pleurothallidinae)
Franco Pupulin, Diego Bogarín
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Recent advances in orchid DNA barcoding and molecular phylogeny have increased over the past few years. The need for rigorously delimited specific concepts and the development of an integrative taxonomic system intended to place molecular information within the context of morphological, ecological, and physiological knowledge are the main reasons for which traditional taxonomy should constitute the basis of future molecular works. This is the first in a series of manuscripts to focus on discrete groups of Neotropical orchid taxa, providing full and comparable species descriptions and illustrations for taxonomic discussion. Here, we revise the Lepanthes jimenezii group, in which Lepanthes caroli-lueri and Lepanthes pulcherrima are described. Lepanthes jimenezii is lectotypified and a key to the species is provided based on morphological characters.

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Franco Pupulin and Diego Bogarín "Illustrations and Studies in Neotropical Orchidaceae—The Lepanthes jimenezii Group (Pleurothallidinae)," Harvard Papers in Botany 15(1), 111-121, (1 June 2010).
Published: 1 June 2010
DNA barcoding
Lepanthes caroli-lueri
Lepanthes pulcherrima
new species
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