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1 June 2013 Notes on Neotropical Liparoids (Orchidaceae: Malaxidae)
Paul Ormerod
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Ongoing studies of taxa in Liparis section Ramosae reveal one more species whilst simultaneously defining the group more strictly. Liparis rusbyi is lectotypified. Furthermore, research into the allied genus Crossoglossa reveals six new species. A synopsis of the latter is also supplied. The new taxa proposed here are Liparis section Retusae, L. schneidert, Crossoglossa chocoensis, C. garciana, C. harlingii, C. ospinae, C. santamartana and C. tillettii.

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Paul Ormerod "Notes on Neotropical Liparoids (Orchidaceae: Malaxidae)," Harvard Papers in Botany 18(1), 39-49, (1 June 2013).
Published: 1 June 2013
Neotropical Liparis
new species
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