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1 June 2011 Zum Vorkommen von Tayloria tenuis im Erzgebirge
Martin Baumann
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BAUMANN, M. 2011. On the occurrence oí Tayloria tenuis in the Ore Mountains (Saxony). — Herzogia 24: 103–119.

Tayloria tenuis was detected in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) only recently. Since then, the known localities are growing and the moss is obviously spreading. In this work, the current distribution of Tayloria tenuis in the Ore Mountains is demonstrated, the ecology of the species is characterized, reasons for the increase were discussed, and the threat of the species is analyzed. Based on the phytosociological relevés the Taylorietum tenuis can be verified for the Ore Mountains.

Martin Baumann "Zum Vorkommen von Tayloria tenuis im Erzgebirge," Herzogia 24(1), 103-119, (1 June 2011).
Accepted: 10 May 2011; Published: 1 June 2011
bryophyte distribution
Taylorietum tenuis
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