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1 December 2013 Lichens of the Virgin Forest Reserve Žofínský Prales (Czech Republic) and Surrounding Woodlands
Jiří Malíček, Zdeněk Palice
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Malíček, J. & Palice, Z. 2013. Lichens of the virgin forest reserve Žofínský prales (Czech Republic) and surrounding woodlands. — Herzogia 26: 253–292.

Žofín virgin forest in the Novohradské hory Mts is one of the most valuable woodland localities in the Czech Republic. This old reserve covering 102 ha is dominated by beeches, spruces, and silver firs. We have explored the nature reserve (its virgin forest including the protection zone) as well as managed forests and avenues in the surrounding area. Žofínský prales nature reserve is currently the area with the highest diversity of epiphytic and epixylic lichens in the Czech Republic. In total, 312 lichenized, 14 lichen-allied and 11 lichenicolous fungi species were recorded in a broad area of Zofin woodland region. 267 species altogether were recorded from the reserve, including three recently published taxa not confirmed by us. Fifteen lichenized fungi (Arthonia excipienda, Biatora ligni-mollis, Candelariella xanthostigmoides, Cliostomum leprosum, Fellhanera gyrophorica, Fuscidea pusilla, Lecania croatica, Lecanora thysanophora, Lecidella subviridis, Micarea parva, Mycobilimbia pilularis, Opegrapha trochodes, Rhaphidicyrtis trichosporella, Rinodina degeliana and R. excrescens) and two lichen-allied fungi often associated with algae (Kirschsteiniothelia aethiops and Peridiothelia filiguncta) are reported for the first time from the Czech Republic. Several suboceanic species, and many rare and critically endangered lichens regarded sometimes as old-growth indicator species, have been recorded. Macrolichens are relatively rare in the reserve in comparison to similar habitats in the neighbouring Šumava Mts. The reserve serves as an important source of diaspores for surrounding woodlands. Several rare lichens appear to have spread from the virgin forest into the surrounding “old” forests (which are more or less extensively managed). Fortysix interesting, rare or poorly known lichenized and lichen-allied taxa are discussed in more detail, sometimes amended with additional records from other regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Five species are new for Slovakia (Agonimia flabelliformis, Biatora albohyalina, B. mendax, Lecidella subviridis and Rinodina degeliana).

Jiří Malíček and Zdeněk Palice "Lichens of the Virgin Forest Reserve Žofínský Prales (Czech Republic) and Surrounding Woodlands," Herzogia 26(2), 253-292, (1 December 2013).
Accepted: 24 May 2013; Published: 1 December 2013
Epiphytic and epixylic lichens
old-growth forest
sorediate lichenized Ascomycota
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