13 July 2019 New Additions to the Bryophyte Flora of Serbia
Beáta Papp, Jovana Pantović, Marko S. Sabovljević
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Papp, B., Pantović, J. & Sabovljević, M. S. 2019. New additions to the bryophyte flora of Serbia. – Herzogia 32: 154 –158.

Three species were newly recorded for the bryophyte flora of Serbia. These are: Schistidium lancifolium, Syntrichia subpapillosissima and Tortella fasciculata. With these new records the moss flora of Serbia counts 690 species and the total of bryophyte species recorded within the country raised to 833 species.

Beáta Papp, Jovana Pantović, and Marko S. Sabovljević "New Additions to the Bryophyte Flora of Serbia," Herzogia 32(1), 154-158, (13 July 2019). https://doi.org/10.13158/heia.32.1.2019.154
Accepted: 25 February 2019; Published: 13 July 2019
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