30 December 2019 Saxicolous species of the genus Pertusaria s.l. in Poland
Małgorzata Pyrcha, Magdalena Oset
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Pyrcha, M. & Oset, M. 2019. Saxicolous species of the genus Pertusaria s.l. in Poland. – Herzogia 32: 385 –397.

Notes on the morphology, secondary chemistry, habitat requirements and distribution of saxicolous species belonging to the genus Pertusaria s.l. in Poland are provided. The following species are treated: Lepra aspergilla, L. corallina, L. ocellata, L. schaereri, Pertusaria flavicans, P. melanochlora, P. pseudocorallina and Varicellaria lactea. Although most of these species are reported from the southern part of the country, a key to all species known from Poland is provided. A chemotype of P. melanochlora lacking picrolichenic acid is reported for the first time. Pertusaria chiodectonoides and P. inopinata are considered uncertain records from Poland due to the lack of available material. The identity of P. eitneriana described from Poland is unclear; it was recorded only by the type collection.

Małgorzata Pyrcha and Magdalena Oset "Saxicolous species of the genus Pertusaria s.l. in Poland," Herzogia 32(2), 385-397, (30 December 2019). https://doi.org/10.13158/heia.32.2.2019.385
Accepted: 16 July 2019; Published: 30 December 2019
secondary lichen chemistry
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