30 December 2019 Lichenicolous fungi from Sardinia (Italy): new records and a first synopsis
Wolfgang von Brackel, Franz Berger
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Brackel, W. v. & Berger, F. 2019. Lichenicolous fungi from Sardinia (Italy): new records and a first synopsis. - Herzogia 32: 444 - 471.

During a four week excursion of the first author to Sardinia in 2014, 64 sites of lichenological interest were visited. The second author visited 12 sites in a one week excursion in 2011. The results of these field studies are presented here with special emphasis on lichenicolous fungi, completed with data from the literature to produce a first checklist for the island. The list comprises 42 species known only from the literature and 167 species including the authors' recent finds. Among them one species, Sporidesmiella lichenophila U.Braun & Heuchert, is new to Europe, 15 species are new to Italy and 87 species are new to Sardinia. In addition the finds of 13 lichenicolous lichens are mentioned. The new species Endococcus sardous Brackel is described. One new combination is proposed, Polycoccum minus (Kernst.) Brackel comb. nov. (= Microthelia minor Kernst.), as we were able to find a specimen of this rare species.

Wolfgang von Brackel and Franz Berger "Lichenicolous fungi from Sardinia (Italy): new records and a first synopsis," Herzogia 32(2), 444-471, (30 December 2019). https://doi.org/10.13158/heia.32.2.2019.444
Accepted: 20 May 2019; Published: 30 December 2019
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