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1 September 2017 A New Method for Tagging and Tracking Logs
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In recent years, legislation has been passed in many countries to reduce the trafficking of material from illegal logging sources. This legislation requiring companies to perform due diligence on products in their supply chain has led to a resurgence in interest of being able to reliably track logs from the forest to a processing facility to ensure that material is not from illegal sources in the country of origin. While emerging technologies including DNA and stable isotope analysis show promise for this purpose these technologies are often cost prohibitive and are not yet ready for large scale implementation. This manuscript focuses on the development of a new log tracking system that utilizes low technology and off-the shelf materials to allow companies to accurately track logs at a reasonable cost. The new system utilizes standard tree marking paint, with a microtaggant additive, applied to the cross sectional surface of a log in a large-format QR code format. This work details how this new system provides users with three levels of security making it difficult to be falsified, but can be quickly recognized by inspectors along the forest supply chain. We believe this low technology solution meets the due diligence requirements of legislation designed to control illegal logging and associated trade.

C. Knowles, K. Boston, and E. Berecibar "A New Method for Tagging and Tracking Logs," International Forestry Review 19(3), 294-305, (1 September 2017).
Published: 1 September 2017

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