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1 May 2009 Ovarian Hemangiosarcoma in an Orange-winged Amazon Parrot (Amazona amazonica)
Kimberly Mickley, Melanie Buote, Matti Kiupel, Jennifer Graham, Connie Orcutt
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A 25-year-old intact female orange-winged Amazon parrot (Amazona amazonica) presented for a 2-week history of straining to defecate, lethargy, open-beak breathing, decreased vocalization, and ruffled feathers. On physical examination, the parrot had a heart murmur, increased air sac and lung sounds, open-beak breathing, increased respiratory rate and effort, and coelomic distension. An ultrasound revealed intracoelomic fluid, and hemorrhagic fluid was aspirated from the coelom. Cytologic analysis indicated hemocoelom. Pericardial effusion was observed during the sonogram, and pericardiocentesis was performed. The bird was euthanatized upon the owner's request because of a poor prognosis. At necropsy, several masses that involved the ovary and oviduct were observed, as well as a thickened pericardium and a thickened, fibrinous epicardium. Results of a histopathologic examination of the masses that involved the reproductive tract revealed ovarian hemangiosarcoma, which was confirmed by immunohistochemical staining. To our knowledge, ovarian hemangiosarcoma has not been reported in a psittacine species, nor has immunohistochemistry confirmed ovarian hemangiosarcoma in avian species, specifically in an orange-winged Amazon parrot.

Kimberly Mickley, Melanie Buote, Matti Kiupel, Jennifer Graham, and Connie Orcutt "Ovarian Hemangiosarcoma in an Orange-winged Amazon Parrot (Amazona amazonica)," Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 23(1), 29-35, (1 May 2009).
Published: 1 May 2009
Amazona amazonica
orange-winged Amazon parrot
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