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1 December 2009 Staged Endoscopic Ventricular Foreign Body Removal in a Gyr Falcon (Falco rusticolus)
Christopher Lloyd
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A large ventricular foreign body was identified on radiographs in a captive-bred gyr falcon (Falco rusticolus) that was presented for paresis and swollen abdomen. On endoscopic examination, a large shiny mass was visible in the ventriculus. An ingluviotomy was done, and pieces of the mass, which consisted of a ball of artificial grass fibers, were removed by using a rigid endoscope and grasping forceps. Subsequently, 4 more ingluviotomies were required to gain endoscopic access to the ventriculus and to allow staged removal of the mass in a piecemeal fashion. Feeding the falcon a feathered quail and allowing it to cast naturally removed the remaining fibers of the mass. No deleterious effects were observed in the bird.

Christopher Lloyd "Staged Endoscopic Ventricular Foreign Body Removal in a Gyr Falcon (Falco rusticolus)," Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 23(4), 314-319, (1 December 2009).
Published: 1 December 2009
Falco rusticolus
gyr falcon
rigid endoscopy
ventricular foreign body
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