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1 June 2010 Relationship of Hemoglobin Concentration to Packed Cell Volume in Avian Blood Samples
Karen E. Velguth, Mark E. Payton, John P. Hoover
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To determine whether a proportional relationship exists between hemoglobin (Hgb) concentration and pack cell volume (PCV) in avian blood samples, Hgb concentration measured by a point-of-care portable hemoglobinometer and corresponding PCV were determined in blood samples collected from 128 birds comprising 13 avian orders. For all birds evaluated and pooled across orders, a significant and consistent relationship was found between Hgb concentration and PCV, expressed as Hgb  =  0.304 × PCV 0.461. To determine whether the relationship of PCV and Hgb differs, 9 avian orders with n ≥ 8 samples per order were analyzed by linear regression. Individual slopes for the 9 orders did not differ significantly (P  =  .44), indicating that a single slope can be used to model the avian Hgb to PCV relationship for these taxonomic orders. A single intercept can also be used, with the exception of order Phoenicopteriformes, which was the only intercept that was significantly different from 0 (P  =  .01). These results indicate that a simplified relationship of Hgb (g/dL)  =  0.30 × PCV provides a reasonable estimate of Hgb concentration from the PCV of birds from the orders Anseriformes, Columbiformes, Falconiformes, Galliformes, Passeriformes, Psittaciformes, Sphenisciformes, and Strigiformes, but a separate relationship of Hgb  =  0.217 × PCV 6.69 might be warranted for the order Phoenicopteriformes.

Karen E. Velguth, Mark E. Payton, and John P. Hoover "Relationship of Hemoglobin Concentration to Packed Cell Volume in Avian Blood Samples," Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 24(2), 115-121, (1 June 2010).
Published: 1 June 2010

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