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1 December 2011 Pathogenic Water Quality at Saranda Bay in Albania
J Malltezi, S Sulçe
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MALLTEZI, J and SULÇE, S., 2011. Pathogenic Water Quality at Saranda Bay in Albania. In: Micallef, A. (ed.), MCRR3-2010 Conference Proceedings, Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue, No. 61, pp. 398–402. Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy, ISSN 0749-0208.

Saranda Bay, located in southern Albania, has a relatively open exchange of water with the Ionian Sea. Seawaer quality of the bay is seriously threatened by anthropogenic activities in the ity of Saranda. The main ontributors of macronutrients, heavy metals and pathogens in the bay include sewage (which is still discharged untreated into the Bistrica River about 400 m prior t its discharge to the sea) sea port waste, city waste, and top soil eroded from slopes in land reclamation activities. Previous studies have indicated that seawater chemical and biological parameters of Saranda Bay are relatively good and the seawater is relatively clean, notwithstanding rising pollution pressures caused by rapid population growth and expanding tourism. The main objective of this study was to monitor environmental parameters that determine seawater quality in the Saranda Bay pursuant the EU Bathing Directive. Seawater samples were taken four times each year during 2007 and 2009 at seven sampling stations. The water quality values varied widely between seasons and sampling points.

Our findings indicate that, pursuant the EU Bathing Directive, the Saranda seawater quality is considered “excellent” and “good” in all but one sampling station with respect to E. coli, and “good” and “sufficient” in most sampling stations with respect to F. streptococcus. The ongoing works for completion of a wastewater treatment facility in Saranda will very likely improve seawater quality.

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J Malltezi and S Sulçe "Pathogenic Water Quality at Saranda Bay in Albania," Journal of Coastal Research 2011(10061), 398-402, (1 December 2011).
Published: 1 December 2011
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