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1 December 2011 Nautical Frequentation and Marina Management
Louis Marrou
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MARROU, L., 2011. Nautical Frequentation and Marina Management. In: Micallef, A. (ed.), MCRR3–2010 Conference Proceedings, Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue, No. 61, pp. 126–132. Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy, ISSN 0749–0208.

The French marina of La Rochelle is one of the most important o the European Atlantic Coast with nearly 3,500 rings and a broad range of seaside activities ranging from nautical building to shiplanding activities including great international nautical events. The prospect of the creation of Marina Natural Park of the Estuary of the Gironde and the Pertuis Charentais makes us focus on the issue of the nautical frequentation in the Pertuis Archipelago. The coast of La Rochelle shelters the marina of Les Minimes, a fishing harbour (called La Pallice). Therefore the traffic is potentially important and it is necessary to know how much and what goes on in order to make the traffic safe and to regulate it properly. The rational marine planning is interesting as this coast shelters one of the most important French Oyster and Mussel production unit.

So we tried to know better the frequentation of the Bay of La Rochelle focusing on the analysis of marina practices. The approach we selected relies on enquiries, counting analysis, observations from land, ad from sea as well as from the air. The first results (2008 and 2009 collects) account for situations quite different from those known up to now: there are numerous sea-outings and a huge difference between the use of sailing boats or motorboats. The selective occupation of the Bay can also be observed. Consequently, these results are liable to change the marina management.

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Louis Marrou "Nautical Frequentation and Marina Management," Journal of Coastal Research 2011(10061), 126-132, (1 December 2011).
Published: 1 December 2011
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