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1 January 2014 FlowRider: A Lagrangian Float to Measure 3-D Dynamics of Plunging Breakers in the Surf Zone
Alexandra Sinclair
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Sinclair, A., 2014. FlowRider: a Lagrangian float to measure 3-D dynamics of plunging breakers in the surf zone.

A very small and low-cost Lagrangian Float, the FlowRider, was developed to measure three-dimensional (3-D) free-surface accelerations and dynamics of plunging breakers and is described here. The FlowRider is equipped with a microelectromechanical systems inertial measurement unit, small enough to be deployed by one person in a laboratory wave tank or the surf zone, and is durable in both deployment environments. Free-surface accelerations of plunging breakers were measured by the FlowRider during a field experiment at Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. For wave heights greater than 0.3 m, the data clearly show when the FlowRider travels in a wave, is in free fall, and impacts the water surface below. Maximum free-surface accelerations measured exceed 8 g. The FlowRider represents a novel, low-cost instrument solution to obtain in situ measurements of 3-D dynamics of plunging breakers.

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Alexandra Sinclair "FlowRider: A Lagrangian Float to Measure 3-D Dynamics of Plunging Breakers in the Surf Zone," Journal of Coastal Research 30(1), 205-209, (1 January 2014).
Received: 16 January 2013; Accepted: 27 April 2013; Published: 1 January 2014

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