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9 September 2019 PCA Model and Case Study for Coastal Highway Construction Projects
Wentian Gao, Jiayi Song, Wei Guo
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Gao, W.; Song, J., and Guo, W. 2019. PCA model and case study for coastal highway construction projects. In: Gong, D.; Zhu, H., and Liu, R. (eds.), Selected Topics in Coastal Research: Engineering, Industry, Economy, and Sustainable Development. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 94, pp. 191–195. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Coastal highway construction has the characteristics of large investment, high maintenance cost and long construction period. This study pay attention to the evaluation index system of coastal highway construction projects within the project cycle. Including the development of coastal highway construction industry; the study of the influencing factors of coastal highway construction evaluation; the establishment of the evaluation index system for highway construction infrastructure construction. The indicator system involves multiple aspects: output, which refers to the quantity of products available and the quality of service; the effect, which refers to the economic, social, environmental and sustainable benefits; the satisfaction of customers or project beneficiaries; The cost resources required to anticipate the goal.

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Wentian Gao, Jiayi Song, and Wei Guo "PCA Model and Case Study for Coastal Highway Construction Projects," Journal of Coastal Research 94(sp1), 191-195, (9 September 2019).
Received: 12 March 2019; Accepted: 15 April 2019; Published: 9 September 2019

comprehensive evaluation
Highway project
principal component analysis
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