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9 September 2019 Architecture Research and Design of the IoT Middleware for Marine Logistics
Nuo Zhang
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Zhang, N., 2019. Architecture research and design of the IoT middleware for marine logistics. In: Gong, D.; Zhu, H., and Liu, R. (eds.), Selected Topics in Coastal Research: Engineering, Industry, Economy, and Sustainable Development. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 94, pp. 196–199. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

Modern marine logistics is a kind of integrated logistics. The data collected and transmitted has the characteristics of a large number, a wide variety and a high degree of heterogeneity. Based on the above characteristics, this paper presents a design scheme of internet of things (IoT) middleware, focusing on the application system and communication system structure of the marine logistics IoT middleware. The configuration middleware is used to complete the routing configuration and topology adjustment of the communication system. The hierarchical and modular design scheme is combined with the adaptive fractional interval equalization method to optimize the communication network middleware and improve the signal stability. The data sensing layer, the data and equipment control layer, and the business management layer constitute the application system of the marine logistics IoT middleware, and the functions are analyzed and designed. Finally, the effective management, state monitoring and interaction of the marine logistics are realized.

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Nuo Zhang "Architecture Research and Design of the IoT Middleware for Marine Logistics," Journal of Coastal Research 94(sp1), 196-199, (9 September 2019).
Received: 10 February 2019; Accepted: 20 April 2019; Published: 9 September 2019

application middleware
communication middleware
internet of things (IoT)
marine logistics
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