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9 September 2019 Operation Behavior of Offshore Mining Enterprises Based on Evolutionary Game
Ru Wang
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Wang, R., 2019. Operation Behavior of Offshore Mining Enterprises based on Evolutionary Game. In: Gong, D.; Zhu, H., and Liu, R. (eds.), Selected Topics in Coastal Research: Engineering, Industry, Economy, and Sustainable Development. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 94, pp. 621–628. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

The ocean plays an important role in the progress of human society and exploitation of resources. It is one of the resources that people rely on for survival. Due to the huge demand, many enterprises take part in the exploitation of marine resources. However, for the sake of huge commercial profits, some enterprises take the action of not protecting the environment, which not only brings high profits to themselves, but also seriously pollutes the marine environment. Therefore, the government should pay great attention to it. In this paper, evolutionary game model is adopted to analyze the reasons for enterprises to choose not to protect the environment through evolutionary equilibrium, and government punishment measures are incorporated into the model to discuss the important role of government regulation in marine environmental protection work, inorder to provide some theoretical basis for marine environmental governance.

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Ru Wang "Operation Behavior of Offshore Mining Enterprises Based on Evolutionary Game," Journal of Coastal Research 94(sp1), 621-628, (9 September 2019).
Received: 14 March 2019; Accepted: 15 April 2019; Published: 9 September 2019

enterprise behavior
evolutionary game
government punishment
Marine environment
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