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Jonathan Timberlake
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A list is presented, derived from published and unpublished accounts, of plant vernacular names and uses from the Pokot, Turkana and Marakwet peoples of north western Kenya. Uses are classified under medicinal, human food, human domestic use and livestock fodder. The knowledge and utilization of the flora is seen to be extensive, with 92% of the 888 species recorded having a vernacular name. About 46% of plants are used medicinally by at least one group of peoples, about 24% can be eaten by humans, about 23% are used for domestic purposes and 43% are eaten by domestic livestock.

VERNACULAR NAMES AND USES OF PLANTS IN NORTHERN KENYAJonathan Timberlake⟨sup⟩1⟨/sup⟩National Herbarium Box 8100, Causeway, Harare ZimbabweABSTRACTA list is presented, derived from published and unpublished accounts, of plant vernacular names and uses from the Pokot, Turkana and Marakwet peoples of north western Kenya. Uses are classified under medicinal, human food, human domestic use and livestock fodder. The knowledge and utilization of the flora is seen to be extensive, with 92% of the 888 species recorded having a vernacular name. About 46% of plants are used medicinally by at least one group of peoples, about 24% can be eaten by humans, about 23% are used for domestic purposes and 43% are eaten by domestic livestock.INTRODUCTIONVarious publications in recent years have included indigenous pant names and uses from tribal groups of northern Kenya, e.g. the pastoral. Pokot of East Pokot (Timberlake, 1987), the agricultural Pokot of the Kerio Valley (Tanaka, 1980; Timberlake, 1987), the Turkana west and south of Lake Turkana (Morgan, 1980, 1981), and the Marakwet of Elgeyo, Marakwet district (Lindsay, 1978). The book on medicinal plants by Kokwaro (1976) also includes some names from these areas. The data from these six publications are here presented in a more readily utilizable format.The area covered includes parts of Baringo Turkana, West Pokot and Elgeyo-Marakwet Districts, all in Rift Valley Province. Most of the area falls within the ecoclimatic zones 5 and 6 of Pratt & Gwynne (1977), and ranges in altitude from 2,700 m on the slopes of the Cherangani Hills to below 600 m close to Lake Turkana. There are some hill ranges, e.g. Tiati, and the Kerio Valley runs through part, but generally the landscape is a dry plain with Acacia savanna or bushland. Various seasonal rivers run through the area, some are fringed by Acacia woodland, while the hills, occasionally rising to 2,500 m, often have a different and richer flora. Soils are mostly volcanicMETHODAll plant species mentioned in the above publications are listed, whether or not a name or use was noted. The plant species and uses are recorded for differing purposes, so do not necessarily provide comprehensive coverage. The collections described by Timberlake (1987) and Morgan (1980, 1981) are probably the most comprehensive, covering both wet and dry seasons and full range of uses. Plants described by Lindsay (1978) were restricted to those of medicinal interest only. In most cases voucher specimens were collected and their vernacular names and uses obtained from reliable local informants. Specimens were later identified at the East African Herbarium, Nairobi, or the Kew Herbarium, London.⟨sup⟩1⟨/sup⟩Present address: 3, Rue des Fleurs, Fortune Gate, Bulawayo, ZimbabweThere are various problems associated with collecting ethnobotanical information, not least of which are the knowledge and reliability of the informant, the use, of singular and plural names, names associated with aspects of the plant rather than its 'true' name, and the use of names from other areas which, because they are recorded in a certain area, are thought to be indigenous to it. Different authors have different approaches to overcoming these, and brief discussions on these points can be found in Morgan (1980) and Timberlake (1987). The present list includes all names recorded (with the exceptions given by Timberlake op. cit. for his list), and no attempt has been made to correct orthographic differences or separate plural from singulars.Plants are arranged firstly by division (pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperms, the latter subdivided into monocotyledons and dicotyledons), then by family in alphabetical order. Within each family species are listed alphabetically, and synonyms noted. Vernacular names are given for the three linguistic groups-Pokot, Turkana and Marakwet.Uses of plants are divided into four categories-medicinal (including spiritual), human food, domestic (house construction, household utensils, personal ornaments, etc. ), and livestock fodder. The use of a species by each tribal group for one of these purposes is noted along with the source of information.DISCUSSIONThe list shows a widespread knowledge and use of plants by all tribal groups. Out of 888 species recorded (ten pteridophytes, two gymnosperms, 158 monocotyledons and 718 dicotyledons) 821 (92%) had a vernacular name, although some names were generic and applied to similar members of the same genus or family.Many plants were used for medicinal purposes (407 species, 45.8% of the total, although this high percentage partly reflects the greater interest in this category of use by the observers and that the Marakwet list is only of medicinal plants), 212 species (23.9% of the total) were used for human food (mostly fruits), 202 species (22.7% of the total) for domestic purposes, and 382 (43.0% of the total) for livestock fodder. This last figure however is perhaps not very indicative as the livestock in the area, which includes browsers and grazers, are known to eat a great range of plant material when confronted with necessity, and also because of less rigorous recording of this category of use.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThanks go to Jean Brown, formerly of the National Museums of Kenya, who first introduced me to ethnobotany, and to Jan Gillett of the East African Herbarium for early encouragement. I am most grateful to Christine Kabuye and staff of the East African Herbarium for identification of the Pokot material. Particular thanks are due to Bob Drummond of the National Herbarium, Harare, Zimbabwe, who spent many hours checking species nomenclature and bringing it up to date (1990).REFERENCESKokwaro, J.O. (1976). Medicinal Plants of East Africa. East African Literature Bureau, Nairobi.Lindsay, R.S. (1978). Medicinal plants of Marakwet, Kenya. List prepared in collaboration with F.N. Hepper. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.Morgan, W.T.W. (1980). Vernacular names and the utilization of plant species among the Turkana of northern Kenya. Special Report, Department of Geography, University of Durham.Morgan, W.T. W. (1981). Ethnobotany of the Turkana: use of plants by a pastoral people and their livestock in Kenya. Economic Botany 35: 96-130.Pratt, D.J. & M.D. Gwynne (1977). Range Management and Ecology in East Africa. London: Hodder & Stoughton.Tanaka, J. (1983). List of plants collected from Baringo, Elgeyo-Marakwet and West Pokot Districts. Appendix, pp 147-164. In : B.E. Kipkorir, R.C. Soper & J.W. Ssennyonga (eds.) Kerio valley-past, present and future. Proceedings of a seminar. Institute of African Studies, University of Nairobi.Timberlake, J.R. (1987). Ethnobotany of the Pokot of northern Kenya. Unpublished report. East African Herbarium, Nairobi.LIST OF VERRNACULAR NAMES AND PLANT USES IN NORTHERN KENYAPTERIDOPHYTAADIANTACEAEActiniopteris dimorpha Pichi-Serm.Pokot: chepnyorilopoch (F)Source: 1Actiniopteris radiata (Swartz) LinkTurkana: loperemorSource: 2Actiniopteris semiflabellata Pichi-Serm.Pokot: torou, chepskut, chepnyerilechSource: 1, 2Pellaea calomelanos (Swartz) LinkPokot: chepkokay (M)Source: 1, 4Pellaea longipilosa Bonap.Pokot: koyoiwon (M)Source: 1ASPIDIACEAEDryopteris inaequalis (Schlecht.) KuntzeMarakwet: lobchon (M)Source: 3AZOLLACEAEAzolla nilotica Decne.Pokot: monokenSource: 1MARSILIACEAEMarsilea cf diffusa Lepr.Turkana: IikipiiSource: 2SCHIZAEACEAEAnemia schimperiana PreslPokot: chepnyorilopoch (F)Source: 1SELAGINELLACEAESelaginella phillipsiana (Hieron.) AlstonPokot: ple sian (F)Turkana: lotoparin, chepkoghin, chepnyerilopochSource: 1, 2GYMNOSPERMAECUPRESSACEAEJuniperus procera Endl.Marakwet: tarakwet (M)Source: 3PODOCARPACEAEPodocarpus gracilior PilgerMarakwet: benet (M)Source: 3ANGTOSPERMAEMONOCOTYLEDONSAGAVACEAE (see DRACAENACEAE)ALOEACEAE (was part of Liliaceae)Aloe cf graminicola ReynoldsPokot: tolkos (M)Source: 1, 5Aloe lateritia Engl.Pokot: tolkos (M)Source: 1Aloe rivae Bak.Source: 2Aloe secundiflora Engl.Pokot: tolkos (M)Source: 1Aloe turkanensis ChristianTurkana: (MF)Source: 2Aloe tweediae ChristianSource: 2Aloe spp (unidentified)Pokot: tolkos, pokas, kwasaian, sikokwet (MFD)Marakwet: cheretwa (M)Source: 1, 3AMARYLLIDACEAEAmmocharis tinneana Milne-Redh. & Schweick.Source: 2Crinum macowanii Bak. (= C. pedicellatum of Morgan)Turkana:echachumuchumuSource: 2Pancratium tenuifolium A. Rich. (= P. trianthum of Morgan)Turkana:echachumuchumuSource: 2Scadoxus ⟨private-char name="mdot"/⟩ultiflorus (Martyn) Raf.Pokot: psirioch, kipuwer (MF)Source: 1Scadoxus cf puniceus (L.) Friis & NordalPokot: psiriolSource: 4ANTHERICACEAE (was part of Liliaceae)C⟨private-char name="hdot"/⟩lorophytum tuberosum Bak.Source: 2ARACEAEStylochiton borumensis N.E. Br. (= S. angustifolius of Timberlake)Pokot: parkach (F)Source: 1ARECACEAE (= Palmae)Hyphaene compressa H. Wendl. (= H. coriacea of Timberlake, H ventricosa of Morgan)Pokot: takuyua (FD)Turkana: takuyua, angol, egoli (FDL)Source: 1, 2ASPARAGACEAE (was part of Liliaceae)Asparagus cf flagellaris (Kunth) Bak.Turkana:eskarakiruSource: 2Protasparagus africanus (Lam.) Oberm. (= Asparagus africanus of Timberlake)Pokot: tikoukawa (MD)Source: 1, 4Protasparagus buchananii (Bak.) Oberm. (= Asparagus buchananii of Timberlake)Pokot: tikoukawa (FD)Source: 1Protasparagus racemosus (Willd.) Oberm. (= Asparagus racemosus of Lindsay)Marakwet: kabungai (M)Source: 3COLCHICACEAE (was part of Liliaceae)Gloriosa minor RendleTurkana: ngipirikalaSource: 2Gloriosa superba L.Pokot: ramuran, chelukup (M)Marakwet: kimagugu (M)Source: 1, 3COMMELINACEAEAneilema johnstonii K. Schum.Pokot: aportotoyon (L)Source: 1Aneilema petersii (Hassk.) C.B. Cl.Pokot: aportotoyon (L) ssp paludiflorum FadenSource: 1Commelina africana L.Marakwet: nenaitet (M)Source: 3Commelina albescens Hassk.Turkana: aturaeSource: 2Commelina benghalensis L.Pokot: aportotoyon (ML)Turkana: aturaeSource: 1, 2Commelina erecta L. (= C. braeteosa of Timberlake)Pokot: aportotoyon (L)Source: 1Commelina forskalaei VahlPokot: aportotoyon, cherotwo (FL)Turkana: aturaeSource: 1, 2, 4Commelina latifolia A. Rich.Pokot: aportotoyon (L)Source: 1Commelina petersii Hassk.Pokot: aportotoyon (L)Turkana: aturaeSource: 1, 2Cyanotis lanata Benth.Pokot: aportotoyon (L)Source: 1CYPERACEAEBulbostylis barbata (Rottb.) C.B. Cl.Turkana: ekeditSource: 2Cyperus alternifolius L.Pokot: yashian, sowon (D)Source: 1, 4Cyperus artieulatus L.Pokot: moikut (M)Turkana:ekekeriauSource: 1, 2, 4Cyperus laevigatus L.Turkana: (L)Source: 2Cyperus longus L.Turkana: ekekeriauSource: 2Cyperus michelianus L. ssp pygmaeus (Roth) Aschers. & Graeb.Turkana: ekidit (L)Source: 2Cyperus obtusiflorus VahlPokot: chepaloket (L)Turkana: ekekeriauSource: 1, 2Cyperus rotundus L.Pokot: moikut, moikut-pochepkono (MFL)Turkana: ekekeriau (DL)Source: 1, 2, 5Cyperus teneriffae Poir.Pokot: torou (MF)Turkana: ekekeriauSource: 1, 2Cyperus tuberosus Rottb.Pokot: moikut (M)Source: 1Fimbristylis bisumbellata (Forssk.) Bub.Turkana: ekekeriauSource: 2Fimbristylis dichotoma (L.) VahlPokot: amosonian-talalwa (DL)Source: 1Kyllinga welwitschii RidleyTurkana: ekiditSource: 2Mariscus amauropus (Steud) Cuf.Pokot: monokeon (FL)Source: 1Mariscus circumclusus C.B. Cl.Turkana: ekiditSource: 2Mariscus dubius (Rottb.) Hutch. var macrocephalus (Boeck.) C.B. Cl.pokot: moikut (M)Source: 1, 4Mariscus cf pseudovestitus C.B. CLPokot: monokeon(L)Source: 1Mariscus rohlfsii (Boeck.) C.B. Cl.Pokot: monokeon (L)Turkana: esutSource: 1, 2Schoenoplectus junceus (Willd.) J. Raynal (= Scirpus ameiglumis of Morgan)Turkana: ekiditSource: 2DRACAENACEAE (= Agavaceae)Dracaena ellenbeckiana Engl.Pokot: moronguton, chemorougit (FD)Source: 1Dracaena spPokot: ptebanSource: 4Sansevieria conspicua N.E. Br.Pokot: ewak (MD)Source: 1, 4Sansevieria ehrenbergii Bak.Pokot: sorokutwo, sarakit (MD)Turkana: emojo (MD)Source: 1, 2Sansevieria raffillii N.E. Br.Pokot: ewak (D)Source: 1Sansevieria robusta N.E. Br.Pokot: sorokutwo (MD)Source: 1, 4Sansevieria spMarakwet: bergeiyo (M)Source: 3GRAMINEAE (see POACEAE)HYACINTHACEAE (was part of Liliaceae)Albuca wakefieldii Bak.Pokot: kamkech (M)Source: 1, 2Dipcadi viride (L:) MoenchSource; 1, 2Ledebouria hyacinthina Roth (= Scilla hyacinthina of Morgan)Source: 2Ornithogalum sordidum Bak.Pokot:chepokowat (M)Source: 1Urginea altissima (L. f.) Bak.Pokot: cheptopon (L)Source: 1Urginea indica KunthPokot: kowatTurkana: (FL)Source: 1, 2, 4HYDROCHARITACEAELagarosiphon muscoides Harv. (= L. schweinfurthii of Morgan)Source: 2LILIACEAE (see ALOEACEAE, ANTHERICACEAE, ASPARAGACEAE, COLCHICACEAE, HYACINTHACEAE)MUSACEAEEnsete ventricosum (Welw.) CheesmanMarakwet: sosurwa (M)Source: 3NAJADACEAENajas graminea Del.Source: 2ORCHIDACEAEHabenaria cirrhata (Lindl.) Reichb. f.Marakwet: chemng 'owng'ow (M)Source: 3PALMAE (see ARECACEAE)POACEAE (= Gramineae)Acrachne racemosa (Roem. & Schult.) OhwiSource: 2Alloteropsis cimicina (L.) StapfPokot: chepopo (L)Source: 1Aristida adscensionis L.Pokot: cheluwowes (DL)Turkana: aitamus (L)Source: 1, 2Aristida barbicollis Trin. & Rupr.Turkana: aduarSource: 2Aristida mutabilis Trin. & Rupr.Pokot: puresongolion (L)Turkana: aduar (L)Source: 1, 2Brachiaria deflexa (Schumach.) RobynsPokot: abrute, posposion, chepopo (FL)Turkana: amanakuriSource: 1, 2Brachiaria leersioides (Hochst.) StapfPokot: chepnaroyon (L)Turkana: amanakuri (DL)Source: 1, 2Brachiaria ramosa (L.) StapfPokot: (L)Source: 1Brachiaria serrifolia (Hochst.) StapfTurkana: amanakuriSource: 2Cenchrus ciliaris L.Pokot: amerkwia, atanakuyan, kowo (DL)Turkana: amerukwaSource: 1, 2Cenchrus pennisetiformis Steud.Turkana: amerukwaSource: 2Cenchrus setigerus VahlSource: 2Chloris gayana KunthPokot: kutongoi (DL)Turkana:(L)Source: 1, 2Chloris roxburghiana Schult.Pokot: cheptolomo (DL)Source: 1, 2Chloris virgata Sw.Pokot: pekonion (L)Turkana:epenek (L)Source: 1, 2Chrysopogon plumulosus Hochst. (= C. aucheri of Morgan)Source: 1, 2Cymbopogon caesius (Hook. & Am.) Stapf (= C. excavatus of Morgan)Pokot: kowonto (FDL)Source: 1, 2Cymbopogon giganteus Chiov.Pokot: kowonto (F)Source: 1Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.Turkana: ejem (L)Source: 2Cynodon nlemfuensis Vanderyst var nlemfuensisPokot: seretion (ML)Source: 1, 4Dactyloctenium aegyptiacum (L.) Willd.Pokot: mukun (FL)Source: 1, 2Dactyloctenium sp. nov.Turkana: ekauduhudu (FL)Source: 2Dichanthium cf annulatum (Forssk.) StapfSource: 2Digitaria macroblephara (Hack.) StapfPokot: cheput, kapelsurnyan (L)Source: 1, 2Digitaria rivae (Chiov.) StapfSource: 2Digitaria velutina (Forssk.) P. Beauv.Pokot: abrute (L)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2Diplachne fusca (L.) StapfSource: 2Echinochloa colona (L.) LinkPokot: achamaluru (L)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2Echinochloa haploclada (Stapf) StapfPokot: maranion (FL)Turkana: esurogor(L)Source: 1, 2Echinochloa pyramidalis (Lam.) Hitchc. & ChasėTurkana: (DL)Source: 2Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn.Pokot: matai (F)Marakwet: matia (M)Source: 1, 3Enneapogon cenchroides (Roem. & Schult.) C.E. Hubb.Turkana: lokibukSource: 2Ennea⟨private-char name="pdot"/⟩ogon schimperianus (A. Rich.) Renv. (incl. E. elegans of Morgan)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2Enteropogon macrostachyus (A. Rich.) Benth.Turkana: ekosim-etuko (L)Source: 2Eragrostis aethiopica Chiov.Turkana: (L)Source: 2Eragrostis aspera (Jacq.) NeesPokot: sorwowanta (DL)Source: 1, 2Eragrostis cilianensis (All.) Lut.Pokot: puyun (FL)Source 1, 2, 4Eragrostis ciliaris (L.) R. Br.Source: 1, 2Eragrostis namaquensis Schrad. var namaquensisPokot: ngilet (L)Source: 1Eragrostis papposa (Roem. & Schult.) Steud.Source: 2Eragrostis setulifera Pilg.Source: 2Eragrostis superba Peyr.Pokot: churukechir (DL)Source: 1, 4Eriochloa fatmensis (Hocbst. & Steud.) Clayton (=E. nubica of Morgan)Pokot: surutian-da-lalwa L)Source: 1, 2Heteropogon contortus (L.) Roem. & Schult.Pokot: chepkweteyon, pekonion (L)Source: 1, 4Hyperthelia dissoluta (Steud.) ClaytonPokot: sol (D)Source: 1Latipes senegalensis Kunth.Source: 2Leptocarydion vulpiastrum (De Not.) Stapf (=Leptochloa vulpiastrum of Morgan)Source: 2Leptochloa obtusiflora Hochst.Turkana: (L)Source: 2Loudetia flavida (Stapf) Hubb.Pokot: nyoswoSource: 1, 4Melinis repens (Willd.) Zizka ssp rėpens (=Rhynchelytrum repens of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: chepririon, kaprimot (DL)Source: 1, 2Melinis repens (Willd.) Zizka ssp grandiflora (Hochst.) Zizka (=Rhynchelytrum villosum of Morgan)Turkana: pakokaiSource: 2Oropetium minimum (Hochst.) Pilg (=Chaetostichium majusculum of Morgan)Turkana: (L)Source: 2Panicum coloratum L.Source: 2Panicum maximum Jacq.Pokot: kutiso (DL)Source: 1, 4Pennisetum macrourum Trin.Pokot: chesongenion (D)Source: 1Pennisetum procerum (Stapf) ClaytonPokot: keyewon (D)Source: 1Pennisetum setaceum (Forssk.) Chiov.Pokot: kowonto, amerkwia (L)Source: 1Perotis patens Gand.Pokot: torongwa akonut (DL)Turkana: ekosim-erunyeSource: 1, 2Phragmites mauritianum KunthSource: 2Saccharum spontaneum L. ssp aegyptiacum(Willd.) Hack.Pokot: solyon, awowot (D)Source: 1, 4Schizachyrium sanguineum (Retz.) AlstonPokot: solyon (D)Source: 1, 4Schmidtia pappophoroides J.A. SchmidtSource: 2Sehima nervosum (Rottl.) StapfPokot: chaya (DL)Source: 1, 2Setaria appendiculata (Hack.) StapfPokot: abrute (L)Source: 1Setaria homonyma (Steud.) Chiov.Pokot: abrute, apurteyon (L)Source: 1, 4Setaria pumila (Poir.) Roem. & Schult.Pokot: amerkwia, atanakuyan (L)Source: 1Setaria sagittifolia (A. Rich.) Walp.Pokot: chematai, atanokwa, posposion, talip (L)Source: 1Setaria verticillata (L.) P. Beauv.Pokot: amerkwia, posposion (L)Turkana: etanakoSource: 1, 2Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench (= S. aethiopicum of Morgan)Pokot: mosung (F)Marakwet: mosong (MF)Source: 1, 2, 3Sporobolus consimilis Fresen.Source: 2Sporobolus cordofanus (Steud.) Coss.Pokot: wilwilien, ngilet (L)Source: 1Sporobolus festivus A. Rich.Pokot: plesian (L)Source: 1Sporobolus fimbriatus Nees var latifoliusStentSource: 2Sporobolus helvolus (Trin.) Th. Dur. & SchinzSource: 2Sporobolus ioclados (Trin.) Nees (incl. S. marginatus of Morgan)Pokot: ngilet (L)Source: 1, 2Sporobolus macranthelus Chiov. (= S. micranthus of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: papa (FL)Source: 1, 2Sporobolus natalensis (Steud.) Th. Dur. & SchinzPokot: axulaiyon (DL)Source: 1Sporobolus panicoides A. Rich.Pokot: wilwilien (L)Source: 1Sporobolus spicatus (Vahl) KunthTurkana: esiriteSource: 2Stipagrostis hirtigluma (Trin. & Rupr.) De WinterSource: 2Stipagrostis uniplumis (Licht.) De WinterSource: 2Tetrapogon cenchriformis (A. Rich.) ClaytonPokot: angoleyek (L)Turkana: lokumae (L)Source: 1, 2Tetrapogon tenellus (Roxb.) Chiov.Pokot: angoleyek (DL)Source: 1, 2Tragus berteronianus Schult.Pokot: arengereng (L)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2Tricholaena teneriffae (L. f.) Link (incl. T. eichingeri of Morgan)Pokot: richean (L)Source: 1, 2Urochloa panicoides P. Beauv.Pokot: ayoloyon, chemosong, posposion, pembeiw (L)Turkana: (DL)Source: 1, 2Zea mays L.Pokot: (F)Source: 1POTAMOGETONACEAEPotamogeton pectinatus L.Turkana: esidikoSource: 2TYPHACEAETypha domingensis Pers.Turkana: ekamate (1)Source: 2VELLOZIACEAEVellozia schnizleinia (Hochst.) Bak.Turkana: loitamugSource: 2Xerophyta sp.Pokot: chemoigut (FL)Source: 1DICOTYLEDONSACANTHACEAEAcanthus eminens C.B. Cl.Marakwet: tegilde (M)Source: 3Asystasia schimperi T. Anders.Pokot: oringogwo, amgongwo (F)Source: 4Barleria acanthoides VahlPokot: kelkelyan, chepkata (L)Turkana: logolito, lekwelito (ML)Source: 1, 2, 4, 5Barleria diffusa (Oliv:) LindauSource: 2Barleria eranthemoides C.B. Cl.Pokot: kelkelyan-po-tmasai, lokotetwo, kelkelyan (L)Source: 1, 4Barleria sp D of E.A. HerbariumPokot: chepkata, kelkelyanSource: 1Barleria quadrispina LindauTurkana: logolito (ML)Source: 2Blepharis ciliaris (L.) B.L. BurttTurkana: ekuleu (L)Source: 2Blepharis fruticulosa C.B. Cl.Turkana: lopupa (L)Source: 2Blepharis linariifolia Pers.Pokot: akulewuyon, tokorowon (ML)Turkana: ekuleu-lochi (ML)Source: 1, 2, 4Crabbea velutina S.MoorePokot: takchaw (FL)Marakwet: kitabcheptarbus (M)Source: 1, 3Crossandra mucronata LindauPokot: psalua, songolio kokonyon (MFL)Source: 1Crossandra nilotica Oliv. ssp massaica (Mildbr.) NapperPokot: psalua (FL)Source: 1Dicliptera spinulosa Nees (= D. verticilata of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: surutian (L)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2Duosperma eremophilum (Milne-Redh.)NapperTurkana: apoo (L)Source: 2Dyschoriste thunbergiflora (S. Moore) LindauPokot: kelkelowa, partalungwo (L)Source: 1, 4Hypoestes forskalei (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. (= H verticillaris of Timberlake, Lindsay)Pokot: tirchon (M)Marakwet: tirgonio (M)Source: 1, 3Justicia anagalloides (Nees) T. Anders. (= J. uncinulata of Timberlake, Tanaka)Pokot: kapcheptilionSource: 1, 4Justicia caerulea Forssk.Pokot: kipchichin (FL)Turkana: naukuchinSource: 1, 2Justicia calyculata Defiers (= J. exigua and J. matammensis of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: kacheptilion, kombataret (FL)Turkana: edyae, lojemei (L)Source: 1, 2Justicia flava VahlPokot: pika, cheporus (L)Source: 1, 4Justicia heterocarpa T. AndersTurkana: atonokoSource: 2Justicia odora (Forssk.) Lam.Pokot: lopara, chesiwarian (FDL)Turkana: lopara (MDL)Source: 1, 2Justicia striata (Klotzsch) BullockMarakwet: kipkalamion (M)Source: 3Justicia sp C of UKWFPokot: chepangasmuSource: 1Justicia sp (= J. calophanoides of Timberlake)Pokot: parachon (F)Source: 1Justicia spMarakwet: kipkalamion (M)Source: 5Justicia spPokot: chepangasmu (M)Source: 4Lepidagathis scariosa NeesTurkana: egogongotin (L)Source: 2Megalochlamys kenyensis Vollesen ssp kenyensis (= Ecbolium hamatum of Timberlake)Pokot: mamapolokolito (M)Source: 1Megalochlamys revoluta (Lindau) Vollesen (= Ecbolium revolutum of Timberlake, Kokwaro)Pokot: kelkelyan (L)Turkana: lekucheni (M)Source: 1, 5Megalochlamys violacea (Vahl) Vollesen (= Ecbolium anisacanthus of Morgan)Turkana: aparaitSource: 2Monechma debile (Forssk.) NeesPokot: cherungu, mamapopsipo (L)Turkana: echekepus (L)Source: 1, 2Peristrophe paniculata (Forssk.) Brummitt (=P. bicalyculata of Morgan)Source: 2Ruellia patula Jacq.Pokot: lotal (L)Turkana: eret (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Thunbergia alata SimsPokot: ketenai (M)Marakwet: chelolony (M)Source: 1, 3AIZOACEAECorbichonia decumbens (Forssk.) ExellPokot: cheptapesyit, ongurwo (ML)Turkana: lokabalabalaeSource: 1, 2Gisekia pharnaceoides L. var pharnaceoidesPokot: kaletelete, chepkratian (L)Turkana: edyaeSource: 1, 2Gisekia pharnaceoides L. var pseudopaniculata JeffreyTurkana: edyaeSource: 2Glinus lotoides L.Turkana: (L)Source: 2Glinus setiflorus Forssk.Turkana: (L)Source: 2Limeum viscosum (J. Gay) Fenzl var kenyense Friedr.Pokot: (F)Turkana: epatapus (L)Source: 1, 2Mollugo cerviana (L.) Ser. var spathulifolia FenzlPokot: ketpochepkorkor (M)Turkana: esedokomom (L)Source: 1, 2Mollugo nudicaulis Lam.Pokot: chepsalakis (L)Source: 1, 2Sesuvium sesuvioides (Fenzl) Verdc.Source: 2Trianthema triquetra Willd. ssp triquetraPokot: lotular, kaletelete (L)Turkana: epespes, edea-Iochi (L)Source: 1, 2Zaleya pentandra (L.) JeffreyPokot: chepkratian (ML)TurkaRa: edeaSource: 1, 2AMARANTHACEAEAchyranthes aspera L. var aspera, var sicula L.Pokot: chesrimion (MDL)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2Aerva lanota (L.) SchultesPokot: chepskut, chepkumot, cherelio,kutokokou, ketpotsan, orusyon (M)Turkana: epel (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Aerva javanica (Burm. f.) Schultes (= A. persica of Morgan)Turkana: ekwanga (MDL)Source: 2Alternanthera pungens KunthPokot: lokingar, korongoro,Ketpokorongoro (L)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Alternanthera sessilis (L.) DC.Source: 2Amaranthus graecizans L. ssp sylvestris (Vill.) Brenan (= A. angustifolia of Morgan)Pokot: ptanya, onguyon, chepkratian (FL)Turkana: louyong'orok (FL)Source: 1, 2, 4Amaranthus sparganiocephalus Thell.Turkana: louyong'orokSource: 2Amaranthus spinosus L.Pokot: mamapoptanya, oringogwo (F)Turkana: epespes (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Amaranthus thunbergii Moq.Pokot: ptanya, keptanya (FL)Source: 1Amaranthus tricolor L.Marakwet: banganai (M)Source: 3Celosia anthelminthica Aschers.Pokot: keriendus (ML)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2Celosia polystachya (Forssk.) TownsendSource: 1Celosia schweinfurthiana SchinzSource: 2Celosia stuhlmanniana SchinzTurkana: amarias (ML)Source: 2Cyathula orthacantha (Aschers.) SchinzPokot: oringogwo, orowano, namkagha, akelkelyan-da-nyawo (FL)Source: 1Cyathula uncinulata (Schrad.) SchinzMarakwet: kimnamgwe (M)Source: 3Digera muricata (L.) Mart.Pokot: ngurmumwo, kaprimet, cheriyan, chekirio, akoromwomwayan (FL)Turkana: ekoromwamwaeSource: 1, 2Northosaerva brachiata (L.) WightSource: 2Pupalia lappacea Juss. var velutina (Moq.) Hook. f.Pokot: namkagha, chesrimion, tanakat (MFDL)Turkana: etanako (DL)Source: 1, 2, 4Sericocomopsis hildebrandtii SchinzPokot: losikiria (MFL)Turkana:ekabonyo(ML)Source: 1, 2Sericocomopsis pallida (S. Moore) SchinzTurkana: ekabonyoSource: 2Volkensinia prostrata (Gilg) Schinz (= Dasysphaera prostrata of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: losikiria-potmasai (L)Turkana: natilio (ML)Source: 1, 2ANACARDIACEAELannea edulis (Sond.) Engl.Pokot: cheptapesyitSource: 1, 4Lannea fulva (Engl.) Engl.Pokot: lolotwo (MF)Marakwet: lolotwa, gorot (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Lannea rivae (Chiov.) Sacleux (= L. floccosa of Timberlake)Pokot: lolotwo (F)Source: 1Lannea schweinfurthii (Engl.) Engl. (= L. stuhlmannii of Timberlake)Pokot: moino, oroluo (MFD)Source: 1, 4Lannea triphylla (A. Rich.) Engl.Pokot: tapoyo (MFDL)Source: 1, 4Ozoroa insignis Del. ssp reticulata (Bak. f.) Gillett (= O. reticulata of Timberlake; = Heeria reticulata of Lindsay)Pokot: kromwo, gromwo (MFD)Marakwet: mutungwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Pistacia aethiopica KokwaroPokot: meriekwa (D)Source: 1, 4Rhus longipes Engl.Marakwet: seria (M)Source: 5Rhus natalensis KraussPokot: siriowa, siriekwo,apechekwa (MFD)Marakwet: seria (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Sclerocarya birrea (A. Rich.) Hochst. ssp birreaPokot: oroluo, roluwo (MFD)Marakwet: arolwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 5ANNONACEAEUvaria leptocladon Oliv.Pokot: mulkushu (MD)Source: 1Uvaria scheffleri DielsPokot: tamrenwo, tomekekwo, mulkisia (MFD)Marakwet: murguiyo (M)Source: 1, 3, 4APIACEAE (= Umbelliferae)Peucedanum aculeolatum Engl.Marakwet: borio (M)Source: 3, 5Steganotaenia araliacea Hochst.Pokot: cheikwo, chokuwo (MD)Source: 1, 4, 5APOCYNACEAEAcolcanthera longiflora Stapf.Pokot: kelyon (D)Source: 1, 4Adenium obesum (Forssk.) Roem. & Schult.Pokot: koliya, kaluni (MD)Turkana: egeles (MD)Source: 1, 2, 5Adenium somalense Balf. f.Turkana: egelesSource: 2Carissa edulis (Forssk.) VahlPokot: lokotetwo (MFL)Marakwet: legatetwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4AQUIFOLIACEAEIlex mitis (L.) Radlk.Marakwet: seger(M)Source: 3ARALIACEAECussonia spicata Thunb.Marakwet: jeleikta (M)Source: 3Schefflera volkensii HarmsMarakwet: tinwot (M)Source: 3ARISTOLOCHIACEAEAristolochia bracteolata Lam. (= A. bracleala of Morgan)Turkana: losurulaich (ML)Source: 2ASCLEPIADACEAECalotropis procera (Ait.) Ait. f.Pokot: adodotian, adadat (MDL)Turkana: etesuro, etithuru (MDL)Marakwet: ararat (M)Source: 1, 2.3, 4, 5Caralluma arachnoidea (Bally) Gilbert var breviloba (Bally) GilbertPokot: amanyan-pochepkono, mamauti (D)Source: 1, 4Caralluma dicapuae (Chiov.) Chiov. ssp dicapuaePokot: amanyan-pochepkonoTurkana: lochenSource: 1, 2Caralluma dummeri (N.E. Br.) White & SloanePokot: amanyan-pochepkono, chesodokis (MF)Turkana: Iochen (MD)Source: 1, 2Caralluma russelliana (Brogn.) Cufod. (= C. foetida of Timberlake)Pokot: amanyan-pukawagh, amanyanpachi (FD)Turkana: IokisitioSource: 1, 2Caralluma socotrana (Balf. f.) N.E. Br.Pokot: amanyan-pochepkono (F)Source: 1Caralluma somalica N.E. Br.Turkana: lokosurio (MD)Source: 2Caralluma tubiformis Bruce & BallyPokot: amanyan-pochepkono (F)Source: 1Caralluma vibratilis Bruce & BallyPokot: manangoiSource: 1Ceropegia cf euryacme HuberPokot: brada (F)Source: 1Ceropegia spPokot: munturul (MF)Source: 1Curroria volubilis (Schltr.) BullockTurkana: koligo (D)Source: 2Cynanchum defoliascens K. Schum.Pokot: chepanyinda (MFL)Turkana: elagama (MDL)Source: 1, 2Cynanchum hastifolium N.E. BrPokot: chepkitan (M)Turkana: Iokorokori (FL)Source: 1, 2Diplostigma canescens K. Schum.Pokot: chepanyinda (F)Source: 1Dregea rubicunda K. Schum.Pokot: chemokolTurkana: (L)Marakwet: kobochon (M)Source: 1, 2, 3Dregea schimperi (Decne.) BullockMarakwet: kobochon (M)Source: 3Echidnopsis dammanniana Spreng.Pokot: chemngrimen, chepuguremen, chemngaum (FD)Source: 1Echidnopsis watsonii BallyTurkana: edungoiSource: 2Glossonema cf revoilii Franch.Pokot: chepkokon (M)Source: 1Gomphocarpus fruticosus (L.) Ait. f.Pokot: chepokors (MFD)Marakwet: jebaleleiya (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Gomphocarpus integer (N.E. Br.) BullockPokot: jaboreru (M)Source: 1Gomphocarpus kaessneri N.E. Br.Pokot: chepokorsSource: 1Kanahia laniflora (Forssk.) R. Br.Pokot: chepokors (DL)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Leptadenia hastata (Pers.) Decne.Turkana: ekamogo (L)Source: 2Pentatropis spiralis (Forssk.) Decne.Turkana: elagama (DL)Source: 2Pergularia daemia (Forssk.) Chiov.Pokot: chemokol, okonuo, kutitany, ketpochooh (MF)Turkana: echekepusMarakwet: kipche (M)Source: 1, 2, 3Periploca linearifolia Dill. & Rich.Marakwet: sinindet (M)Source: 3Sarcostemma viminale (L.) R. Br.Pokot: cheporewo, cherkoinyon, asupka, mosolion (MFL)Turkana: eligoi (M)Source: 1, 2, 4, 5Secamone punctulata Decne.Pokot: kingesha (DL)Source: 1ASTERACEAE (= Compositae)Ageratum conyzoides L.Pokot: tellok, chesapul, cheptakar (D)Source: 1, 4Artemisia afra Willd.Marakwet: sesimwa (M)Source: 3Aspilia mossambicensis (Oliv.) WildTurkana: echekekuyan (L)Source: 2Berkheya spekeana Oliv.Marakwet: katabut, kibitet (M)Source: 3, 5Bidens pilosa L.Pokot: chepaswoi, chepkondiwo (F)Marakwet: chepkondiwoSource: 1, 4Blainvillea gayana Cass.Source: 2Blumea viscosa (Mill.) Badillo (= B. aurita of Timber1ake, Morgan)Pokot: cheptakar (DL)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2Conyza bonariensis (L.) Cronq.Pokot: chepkoi (F)Source: 1Conyza newii Oliv. & HiernMarakwet: kipkosum (M)Source: 3Conyza pyrrhopappa A. Rich.Pokot: kanuni (D)Marakwet: kiroria (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Conyza sumatrensis (Retz.) E.H. Walker (= C.floribunda of Morgan)Turkana: lojulSource: 2Delamerea procumbens S. MooreTurkana: nauru (L)Source: 2Dicoma tomentosa Cass.Pokot: cheporus, kelkelyan (FL)Turkana: ekapioton (L)Source: 1, 2Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk. (= E. prostrata of Morgan)Turkana: ekalibatubwa (L)Source: 2Emilia discifolia (Oliv.) C. Jeffrey (= Senecio discifolius of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: chepakoit (FL)Turkana: eididi (ML)Source: 1, 2Galinsoga parviflora Cav.Turkana: esujaMarakwet: jepkondewa (M)Source: 2, 3Geigeria acaulis Olivo & HiernPokot: mamapochepsiskwot (M)Turkana: akuleu-nachi, akeju-apoo (L)Source: 1, 2Gutenbergia boranensis (S. Moore) M.G. Gilbert (= Erlangea boranensis of Morgan)Turkana: loluraeSource: 2Gutenbergia cordifolia Oliv. (= Erlangea cordifolia of Timberlake)Pokot: mamapopolu (L)Source: 1Gutenbergia rueppellii Schultz Bip.Pokot: mamapopolu (L)Source: 1Helichrysum glumaceum DC.Pokot: kerelmut (L)Turkana: edidiSource: 1, 2, 4Hirpicium diffusum (O. Hoffm.) Roess.Pokot: katiperion (L)Turkana: nachorongaeSource: 1, 2Kleinia abyssinica (A. Rich.) A. Berger var hildebrandtii (Vatke) C. Jeffrey (= Notonia hildebrandtii of Timberlake, Tanaka)Pokot: chepipi (MD)Source: 1, 4Kleinia breviflora C. Jeffrey (= K. sp B of UKWF of Timberlake)Pokot: sukur (MDL)Source: 1Kleinia petraea (R.E. Fr.) C. Jeffrey (= Notonia petraea of Lindsay)Marakwet: jeptabilil (M)Source: 3Kleinia squarrosa Cufod. (= K. kleinioides of Timberlake, Tanaka; = K. sp cf longiflora of Morgan)Pokot: sukur (MDL)Turkana: elila (MDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Launaea cornuta (Oliv. & Hiern) C. JeffreyTurkana: echokokile (ML)Source: 2Launaea hafunensis Chiov.Turkana: nachorongaeSource: 2Melanthera scandens (Schumach. & Thonn.) RobertyMarakwet: kisangwa (M)Source: 5Osteospermum vaillantii (Decne.) T. Norl.Turkana: nachorongaeSource: 2Pegolettia senegalensis Cass.Turkana: lokosima (L)Source: 2Psiadia punctulata (DC.) Vatke (=P. arabica of Lindsay)Marakwet: konocho (M)Source: 3Senecio hadiensis Forssk. (= S. petitianus of Lindsay)Marakwet: chepchirwitit (M)Source: 3Solanecio mannii (Hook. f.) C. Jeffrey (= Crassocephalum mannii of Lindsay, Kokwaro)Marakwet: tergekwa, yergekwa (M)Source: 3, 5Sphaeranthus gomphrenoides O. Hoffm.Pokot: cheptakar (DL)Turkana: enyangareng (L)Source: 1, 2Sphaeranthus ukambensis Vatke & O. Hoffm.Pokot: cheptakar (D)Turkana: lomeskin (ML)Source: 1, 2Spilanthes mauritiana (Pers.) DC.Pokot: kotkotia (M)Marakwet: kibutkut (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Tagetes minuta L.Pokot: chemoyoi, chepangi, cheposorwa, lomunyin, losorlach (MDL)Marakwet: nyesorek (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Vernonia amygdalina Del.Pokot: ketpomukang (D)Source: 1Vernonia brachycalyx O. Hoffm.Marakwet: kimagoi, chebongwony (M)Source: 3Vernonia cinerascens Sch. Bip.Turkana: ejulot (L)Source: 2Vernonia galamensis (Cass.) LessPokot: tapamurkutwo, potolumuo (DL)Source: 1Vernonia hymenolepis A. Rich.Marakwet: kiptamit (M)Source: 3Vernonia myriantha Hook.f. (= V. ampla of Lindsay)Marakwet: ononion, tabangwa (M)Source: 3Vernonia popeana C. Jeffrey (=V. sp C of UKWF of Timberlake)Pokot: adwarkite, (chepokors) (MFL)Source: 1Vernonia spMarakwet: tabagawa (M)Source: 5BALANITACEAEBalanites aegyptiaca (L.) Del.Pokot: tuyonwo (MFDL)Marakwet: tuyunwa, ng' oswa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Balanites orbicularis SpraguePokot: lomion (MFL)Turkana: ebei (FDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Balanites pedicellaris Mildbr. & Schlecht.Pokot: lomion (MFL)Turkana: elamachSource: 1, 2BALSAMINACEAEImpatiens sodenii Engl. & Warb.Marakwet: gororot(M)Source: 3Impatiens tinctoria A. Rich. ssp elegantissima (Gilg) Grey-WilsonMarakwet: kibesiot, kibolio (M)Source: 3BIGNONIACEAEKigelia africana (Lam.) Benth. (= K. aethiopium of Lindsay)Pokot: rotin (MF)Turkana: erdot (MFDL)Marakwet: rotio (M)Source: 1, 2, 3Spathodea nilotica Seem.Pokot: repko (M)Source: 1Stereospermum kunthianum Cham.Pokot: waskeroiSource: 1BORAGINACEAECordia cf crenata Del.Turkana: ebit-osin (FDL)Source: 2Cordia monoica Roxb. (= C. ovalis of Timberlake, Tanaka)Pokot: toporerwo (FDL)Source: 1, 4Cordia sinensis Lam. (= C. rothii of Morgan)Pokot: adomeon, adome, katuntulion (FDL)Turkana: edome, etunituni (FDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Ehretia cymosa Schumach. var silvatica (Gürke) BrenanPokot: ponponat (D)Marakwet: morori, kabonbonet (M)Source: 1, 3Heliotropum longiflorum (A. DC.) Jaub. & Spach (= H somalense of Timberlake, Morgan; = H undulatifolium of Timberlake)Pokot: chesekerion, kerelmut (ML)Turkana: esigirait (FL)Source: 1, 2Heliotropum ovalifolium Forssk.Pokot: chesekerion (L)Turkana: esigirait (FL)Source: 1, 2Heliotropum pectinatum VaupelPokot: chesekerion (L)Turkana: esigirait (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Heliotropum rariflorum StocksTurkana: esigirait (L)Source: 2Heliotropum steudneri VatkeTurkana: esigiraitSource: 2Heliotropum supinum L.Turkana: esigirait (L)Source: 2Heliotropum zeylanicum (Burm.f.) Lam. (= H subulatum of Timberlake, Morgan, Kokwaro)Pokot: chesekerion, ebonyo (L)Turkana: esigirait, kamothine (FL)Source: 1, 2, 5Trichodesma hildebrandtii GürkeTurkana: echekeSource: 2BRASSICACEAEDiceratella incana Balf. f. (=D. sinuata of Morgan)Turkana: lomalae (DL)Source: 2Erucastrum arabicum Fisch. & Mey.Turkana: namunio (L)Source: 1, 2Farsetia stenoptera Hochst.Pokot: ketpomasop, mamachepkratian, mamapolotar, kipsirwi (L)Turkana: ekidir (L)Source: 1, 2BURSERACEAEBoswellia hildebrandtii Engl.Pokot: songolulwo (MFDL)Turkana: ekinyate (FDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Commiphora africana (A. Rich.) Engl.Pokot: katagh, mindarotwo (MFDL)Turkana: ekadale (DL)Marakwet: chotwa (M)Source: 1, 2, 3Commiphora boiviniana Engl. ssp boivinianaPokot: masian (MFDL)Turkana: edweite (DL)Source: 1, 2, 4, 5Commiphora campestris Engl.Turkana: erumosing (D)Source: 2Commiphora coriacea Engl.Turkana: lolewi (FDL)Source: 2Commiphora cf erythraea (Ehrenb.) Engl.Pokot: karia (DL)Source: 1Commiphora madagascariensis Jacq.Pokot: katagh, chemindarotwo (D)Source: 1, 4Commiphora rostrata Engl.Turkana: lokimeta (MFDL)Source: 2Commiphora sambarensis Engl.Pokot: kosita (MFDL)Source: 1, 4Commiphora cf schimperi (Berg) Engl.Pokot: karia (FL)Source; 1Commiphora trothae Engl.Turkana: ekwangorom (MDL)Source: 2Commiphora spPokot: lokwalowoi (D)Source: 4CANELLACEAEWarburgia ugandensis SpragueMarakwet: sekwan (M)Source: 3CAPPARACEAEBoscia angustifolia A. Rich. v⟨private-char name="adot"/⟩r angustifoliaPokot: likwon, tuwo (ML)Turkana: emejan (F)Source: 1, 2, 4Boscia coriacea PaxPokot: sorichon (MFDL)Turkana: erdung (FDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Boscia salicifolia Oliv.Pokot: sekonon (M)Source: 1Cadaba farinosa Forssk. ssp farinosaPokot: arerenion (MFDL)Turkana: ereng, eiva (MDL)Source: 1, 2, 4, 5Cadaba glandulosa Forssk.Turkana: emakak (MDL)Source: 2Cadaba mirabilis GilgTurkana: emakakSource: 2Cadaba rotundifolia Forssk.Turkana: epuuSource: 2Capparis cartilaginea Decne.Pokot: chepkogh (M)Turkana: lokapilak (D)Marakwet: chepteretwa (M)Source: 1, 2, 3Capparis fascicularis DC. var fascicularisPokot: tipowo (MF)Turkana: ekaburuSource: 1, 2, 4Capparis tomentosa Lam.Pokot: tipowo, kokodowa, kankadawa (MFL)Turkana: ekorokoroite (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Cleome allamanii Chiov.Pokot: chepnyerilopoch(FL)Source: 1Cleome angustifolia Forssk. ssp angustifoliaPokot: chepkutwo, chepsadakis, cheptolelio (F)Turkana: epemorokSource: 1, 2Cleome brachycarpa DC.Turkana: lomesekSource: 2Cleome gynandra L. (=Gynandropsis gynandra of Timberlake, Morgan, Kokwaro)Pokot: suroyo, akwianga, kerelmut (F)Turkana: etonomakolong (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Cleome hanburyana PenzigPokot: chepkaneroi(M)Source: 1Cleome monophylla L.Pokot: aurtaruk, chepkapopo, chepkarkaren (L)Source: 1Cleome parvipetala R.A. GrahamPokot: amaretTurkana: lonomokerio (M)Source: 1, 2Cleome scaposa DC.Turkana: (L)Source: 2Cleome strigosa (Boj.) Oliv.Pokot: aurtarukSource: 1Cleome tenella L. f.Turkana: epemorokSource: 2Cleome usambarica PaxPokot: aurtaruk, chepokata, ketpokata (M)Source: 1Courbonia spMarakwet: gluswo (M)Source: 3Crateva adansonii DC.Pokot: kolowa (MD)Turkana: eyoroit (DL)Source: 1, 2, 4Maerua angolensis DC.Pokot: mandas, sàrachan (DL)Source: 1Maerua crassifolia Forssk.Pokot: tuwio (MDL)Turkana: ereng (L)Source: 1, 2Maerua oblongifolia (Forssk.) A. Rich.Turkana: epipa (L)Source: 2Maerua subcordata (Gilg) DeWolfPokot: chepuluswo (MFDL)Turkana: erut (MFL)Source: 1, 2, 4, 5Maerua triphylla A. Rich. incl. var johannis (Volkens & Gilg) DeWolfPokot: mandas, chokowa, sarachan (MDL)Source: 1, 4, 5CELASTRACEAECassine aethiopica Thunb. (= Mystroxylon aethiopicum of Tanaka)Pokot: chepkata, soromonyon (MD)Source: 1, 4Maytenus senegalensis (Lam.) ExellPokot: akwichanian, mkriswo (ML)Turkana: ekaburu (DL)Source: 1, 2, 4Pleurostylia africana Loes.Pokot: apele, cheptukelete (M)Source: 1, 4CHENOPODIACEAEChenopodium album L.Turkana: akwangaSource: 2Chenopodium carinatum R. Br.Source: 1Chenopodium opulifolium Koch & Ziz.Pokot: munturichon, mdurich (ML)Source: 1, 4Chenopodium pumilio R. Br.Turkana: loikimaSource: 2Suaeda monoica J.F. Gmel.Turkana: echamee (L)Source: 2CLUSIACEAE (= Guttiferae)Garcinia livingstonei T. Anders.Pokot: merwo (M)Source: 1, 4COMBRETACEAECombretum aculeatum Vent.Pokot: rikoyo (MFL)Turkana: ekereru (FDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Combretum capituliflorum Schweinf.Pokot: kutemyon (L)Source: 1Combretum hereroense Schinz. ssp volkensii (Engl.) Wickens (= C. volkensii of Morgan) + ssp grotei (Exell) WickensPokot: musktonuo, mstonwo (ML)Turkana: ewapetoit, awiapet (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Combretum molle G. DonPokot: cheporosto, kamel, &parasnta (MFD)Source: 1, 4Termin⟨private-char name="adot"/⟩lia brownii Fresen.Pokot: koloswa (MFDL)Marakwet: goloswa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Terminalia spinosa Engl.Pokot: tikit (MFDL)Turkana: epetait (MFDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Terminalia spPokot: reperwa (M)Source: 4COMPOSITAE (see ASTERACEAE)CONVOLVULACEAEAstripomoea malvacea (Klotzsch) Meeuse var malvaceaPokot: matiti, tumtasa (ML)Source: 1Evolvulus alsinoides (L.) L.Pokot: chiromkonai (L)Turkana: eosin-akenySource: 1, 2Hildebrandtia obcordata S. MoorePokot: nyermenuo (ML)Turkana: egong (ML)Source: 1, 2Ipomoea aquatica Forssk.Turkana: nakipiSource: 2Ipomoea cicatricosa Bak.Turkana: ekuyenitSource: 2Ipomoea donaldsonii RendleTurkana: nakoraSource: 2Ipomoea hildebrandtii VatkePokot: talamach (MF)Source: 1, 4Ipomoea hochstetteri HouseTurkana: lokileSource: 2Ipomoea kotschyana ChoisyTurkana: appilSource: 2Ipomoea obscura (L.) Ker-Gawl.Pokot: kolowo (L)Turkana: achekepusSource: 1, 2Ipomoea plebeia R. Br.Pokot: kolowo (L)Source: 1Ipomoea sinensis (Desr.) Choisy ssp blepharosepala (A. Rich.) MeeusePokot: kolowo (FL)Turkana: appiiSource: 1, 2, 4Ipomoea spathulata Hall. f.Pokot: talamach (MFL)Turkana: ekuyenitMarakwet: kapkerengerwa (M)Source: 1, 2, 3Ipomoea tenuirostris ChoisyMarakwet: siliba (M)Source: 3Merremia pterygocaulos (Choisy) Hall f.Pokot: ketpokawitwit (M)Source: 1, 4Seddera hirsuta Hall. f.Pokot: lomanyang, ketpongoror (ML)Turkana: lomanang (ML)Source: 1, 2, 5Seddera latifolia Hochst. & Steud.Pokot: rikoyo (FL)Source: 1CRASSULACEAEKalanchoe lanceolata (Forssk.) Pers.Pokot: kuptirwaSource: 1Kalanchoe mitejea Leblanc. & Raym.-HametPokot: chepipi (D)Source: 1Kalanchoe prittwitzii Engl. (= K. lugardii of Timberlake)Pokot: chepipi (DL)Source: 1Kalanchoe sp.Marakwet: koserwa (M)Source: 3CUCURBITACEAECitrullus colocynthis (L.) Schrad.Turkana: ekirSource: 2Coccinia grandis (L.) VoigtPokot: tarmuch, ketporapis (MFDL)Turkana: ekadala (FL)Source: 1, 2Coccinia cf microphylla GilgTurkana: eyarabos, lomunioSource: 2Cucumella engleri (Gilg) C. JeffreyPokot: ariapongos (F)Source: 1Cucumella kelleri (Cogn.) C. JeffreyTurkana: eyarabosSource: 2Cucumis aculeatus Cogn.Pokot: ariapongos, mwyita (MFL)Source: 1Cucumis dipsaceus SpachPokot: ariapongos, laskow, kutemon (ML)Turkana: ekaleruk (FL)Source: 1, 2, 4Cucumis ficifolius A. Rich.Marakwet: sigirgirwa (M)Source: 3Cucumis figarei Naud.Pokot: ariapongos (FL)Marakwet: sigirgerwa, hatia kilatia (M)Source: 1, 5Cucumis melo L.Turkana: ekalerukSource: 2Cucumis prophetarum L. ssp prophetarumPokot: ariapongos (L)Turkana: ekalerukSource: 1, 2, 4Cucumis prophetarum L. ssp dissectus (Naud.) C. JeffreyPokot: silangwa pongosCucumis sp.Marakwet: sigirgiren, kilatia (M)Source: 3Kedrostis foetidissima (Jacq.) Cogn.Pokot: strowa (F)Turkana: erikoiSource: 1, 2Kedrostis gijef (J.F. Gmel.) C. JeffreyTurkana: yerebosi, eyarabos (ML)Source: 2, 5Kedrostis hirtella (Naud.) Cogn.Pokot: ariapongos (FD)Source: 1Lagenaria siceraria (Molina) StandleyPokot: silangwa (D)Source: 1, 4Lagenaria sphaerica (Sond.) Naud.Pokot: silangwa kugagh (D)Source: 4Momordica⟩italic⟩ cf anigosantha Hook. f.Marakwet: chepking'uny (M)Source: 3Momordica friesiorum (Harms) C. JeffreyPokot: chepkorok (F)Source: 1Momordica rostrata A. Zimm.Pokot: chepkorok (F)Turkana: lodirinSource: 1, 2Momordica sessilifolia Cogn.Turkana: lodirimSource: 2Momordica trifoliolata Hook. f.Turkana: erikoi(FL)Source: 2Momordica spMarakwet: jeseria (M)Source: 3Peponium vogelii (Hook. f.) Engl.Marakwet: senobchaw (M)Source: 5Peponium sp.Marakwet: sinobchaw (M)Source: 3&Zehneria sp.Marakwet: kisangwa, lolagoi (M)Source: 3EBENACEAEDiospyros scabra (Chiov.) Cufod.Pokot: tuwot (MDL)Turkana: elimSource: 1, 2, 4Diospyros sp novTurkana: elim (DL)Source: 2Euclea divinorum HiernPokot: cheptuya (MD)Marakwet: jeptuiya (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Euclea racemosa Murr. ssp schimperi (A. DC.) F. WhitePokot: cheptuya (MDL)Source: 1EUPHORBIACEAEAcalypha fruticosa Forssk. var fruticosaPokot: kaparasamugh, tapakapow, kembirwo, asiraya (MDL)Turkana: etetelait (MDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Acalypha fruticosa Forssk. var villosa Hutch.Pokot: kasilayaTurkana: etetelaitSource: 2Acalypha indica L.Pokot: (L)Turkana: louyongorok (FL)Source: 1, 2Acalypha volkensii PaxPokot: kembirwo (MFDL)Source: 1Clutia abyssinica Jaub. & SpachMarakwet: kioswa, sitab oin, chekelel (M)Source: 3Chrozophora plicata (Vahl) Spreng.Turkana: epongaitSource: 2Croton dichogamus PaxPokot: kerelwo (MD)Source: 1, 4Croton macrostachyus Del.Marakwet: taboswa (M)Source: 3Croton somalensis Vatke & PaxTurkana: losuroiSource: 2Dalechampia scandens L.Turkana: ekwangaSource: 2Erthrococca Fischeri PaxPokot: mboga (FD)Source: 1, 4Euphorbia agowensis Boiss.Turkana: lojemeiSource: 2Euphorbia ampliphylla Pax (= E. obovalifolia of Timberlake)Pokot: creswo (D)Source: 1Euphorbia arabica PaxPokot: chemoyoi (ML)Source: 1, 2Euphorbia cuneata VahlTurkana: echokokileSource: 2Euphorbia granulata Forssk. var dentata N.E. Br. + var glabrata (Gay) Boiss.Turkana: lokileSource: 2Euphorbia heterochroma PaxPokot: matakarwo (M)Turkana: echorokogSource: 1, 2, 4Euphorbia hirta L.Pokot: topil, chepkonghon (ML)Source: 1, 2Euphorbia inaequilatera Sond.Turkana: lokile (M)Source: 5Euphorbia tirucalli L.Pokot: tumwen (MDL)Marakwet: asubgwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4, 5Euphorbia uhligiana Pax var rupicola Bally & CarterPokot: matakarwoTurkana: emus (M)Source: 1, 2Euphorbia sp.Marakwet: gureswa (M)Source: 3Flueggea virosa (Willd.) Voigt (=Securinega virosa of Timberlake, Morgan, Tanaka)Pokot: kiptarpotich, chepochepkai (M)Turkana: elakis (FL)Source: 1, 2, 4Jatropha dichtar Macbr.Turkana: etirai (L)Source: 2Jatropha ellenbeckii Pax (= J. fissipina of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: lotow (M)Turkana: lotou (M)Source: 1, 2Jatropha parvifolia Chiov.Turkana: ebulonSource: 2Jatropha pelargoniifolia Courbox (= J. villosa var glandulosa of Morgan)Turkana: ebulonSource: 2Meineckia phyllanthoides Baill. ssp somalensis (Pax) WebsterPokot: (L)Source: 1Phyllanthus amarus Schum. & Thonn.Turkana: lokalesoSource: 2Phyllanthus fischeri PaxPokot: kokapocheporon (L)Source: 1Phyllanthus fraternus Webster (= P. pseudoniruri of Morgan)Turkana: akoromai-nachi (L)Source: 2Phyllanthus maderaspatensis L.Pokot: apipa (ML)Turkana: lojemeiSource: 1, 2Phyllanthus ovalifolius Forssk. (= P. guineensis of Timberlake)Pokot: kembirwo (ML)Source: 1Phyllanthus reticulatus Poir.Pokot: chepochepkai (M)Turkana: echekereg, epuatakelae (DL)Source: 2, 4Phyllanthus rotundifolius Willd. (= P. aspericaulis of Morgan)Pokot: atulaTurkana: epetakou (ML)Source: 1, 2Ricinus communis L.Pokot: ponponuo, man (DL)Turkana: ebune (MD)Marakwet: manwa (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4Synadenium sp.Pokot: rerendo (MD)Source: 1Tragia brevipes PaxPokot: chemeleiMarakwet: gemelit (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Tragia sp.nov.Turkana: lonye (FL)Source: 2FLACOURTIACEAEDovyalis abyssinica (A. Rich.) Warb.Marakwet: mendililwa (M)Source: 3Flacourtia indica (Burm. f.) Merr.Pokot: tingoswo (MFL)Marakwet: tungururwa (M)Source: 1, 3Trimeria grandifolia (Hochst.) Warb. ssp tropica (Burkill) SleumerMarakwet: jepkerelony (M)Source: 3GERANIACEAEMonsonia senegalensis Guill. & Perr.Pokot: (L)Turkana: lominyaniSource: 1, 2Pelargonium alchemilloides (L.) Ait. ssp multibracteatum (A. Rich.) KokwaroMarakwet: chemendilil (M)Source: 3GUTTIFERAE (see CLUSIACEAE)HYDNORACEAEHydnora johannis Becc. (= H abyssinica of Timberlake)Pokot: auriengo, kaworiongo(MF)Turkana: auriangoSource: 1, 2ICACINACEAEApodytes dimidiata Arn. var acutifolia (A. Rich.) BoutiquePokot: chepnyeripogh, cheponyorilochpoch (M)Source: 1, 4Pyrenacantha cf malvifolia Engl.Pokot: pulomnion (M)Source: 1LABIATAE (see LAMIACEAE)LAMIACEAE (= Labiatae)Aeollanthus repens Oliv.Marakwet: aroros, jemosop, chemosop (M)Source: 3Ajuga remota Benth.Marakwet: chebonyirar (M)Source: 3Basilicum polystachyon (L.) MoenchTurkana: (L)Source: 2Becium sp A of UKWFPokot: mamapokipsupo (D)Source: 1Becium obovatum (E. Mey.) N.E. Br.Source: 2Capitanya otostegioides GürkeTurkana: eblakitoeSource: 2Coleus barbatus Forssk.Turkana: akurauMarakwet: ang'urwet (M)Source: 2, 3Endostemon camporum (Gürke) AshbyPokot: kipsupo (D)Source: 1Endostemon tereticaulis (Poir.) AshbyPokot: kipsupo, supo (MD)Source: 1, 4Fuerstia africana T.C.E. Fr.Marakwet: birirwa (M)Source: 3Hoslundia opposita VahlPokot: chepiwa, simayawa (F)Source: 1Hyptis pectinata Poit.Pokot: soyuo (F)Source: 1Iboza multiflora (Benth.) E.A. BrucePokot: lonuo (M)Marakwet: lonwa, honwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 5Leonotis mollissima GürkeMarakwet: kipserere (M)Source: 5Leonotis nepetifolia R. Br.Pokot: kachichin, ketpolalwa, chuchum (F)Source: 1, 4Leucas calostachys Oliv.Pokot: cheposorwa (M)Marakwet: nechebgwa (M)Source: 1, 3Leucas jamesii Bak.Pokot: lopara (DL)Turkana: ekareterete (L)Source: 1, 2Leucas glabrata R. Br.Turkana: nakuchin (ML)Source: 2Leucas mollis Bak.Marakwet: kipserere (M)Source: 3Leucas pododiskos BullockSource: 2Leucas pratensis VatkePokot: ketimasop, kourouwio (FL)Source: 1Leucas urticifolia R. Br.Pokot: cheprungu, kipchichin (FL)Turkana: lounorokSource: 1, 2Ocimum basilicum L.Pokot: chesekom, kipsupo, supkwo (D)Turkana: (L)Marakwet: rigerio (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4Ocimum lamiifolium Benth.Pokot: psipoSource: 1Ocimum staminosum Bak.Turkana: losiruSource: 2Ocimum suave Willd.Pokot: taiya (M).Turkana: ichoke (D)Marakwet: toiyoiya, yoiyoiya, chesimia, jemasat (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Orthosiphon pallidus RoyleSource: 2Orthosiphon somalensis VatkeSource: 2Plectranthus albus GürkeMarakwet: chepchermetit, kosulda (M)Source: 3Plectranthus cylindraceus Benth.Pokot: kachencho (M)Source: 1Plectranthus igniarius (Schweinf.) AgnewPokot: ongurwo(ML)Turkana: akurauSource: 1, 2Plectranthus zatarhendi (Forssk.) E.A. BrucePokot: chesekonSource: 1Plectranthus spPokot: angurwaSource: 4Satureia abyssinica (Benth.) Briq.Marakwet: kibararia (M)Source: 3Tinnea aethiopica Kotschy & Peyr. ssp aethiopicaPokot: &tuwot (M)Source: 1, 4LEGUMINOSAE - CAESALPINIOIDEAECaesalpinia decapetala (Roth) AlstonPokot: gakarkaren (D)Source: 1, 4Chamaecrista mimosoides (L.) Greene (= Cassia mimosoides of Timberlake)Pokot: mamapotkowkow, mamapochooh (L)Source: 1Chamaecrista nigricans (Vahl) Greene (= Cassia nigricans of Timberlake)Pokot: cheporonSource: 1Delonix elata (L.) GamblePokot: ririon (MFD)Turkana: ekurichanait (DL)Source: 1, 2Senna didymobotrya (Fresen.) Irwin & Barneby (= Cassia didymobotrya of Lindsay)Marakwet: senetwet(M)Source: 3Senna italica Mill. ssp micrantha (Brenan) Lock (= Cassia italica of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: cheporon (MF)Turkana: lokaleso, emany (M)Source: 1, 2Senna longiracemosa (Vatke) Lock (= Cassia longiracemosa of Morgan)Turkana: emanySource: 2Senna obtusifolia (L.) Irwin & Barneby (= Cassia obtusifolia of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: cheporon, cheporonpolalwa (MF)Turkana: emanySource: 1, 2Senna occidentalis (L.) Link (= Cassia occidentalis of Timberlake, Morgan, Tanaka)Pokot: cheporon, cheporonpolalwa, chesokisian, ketpararar (MF)Turkana: emanySource: 1, 2, 4Senna spPokot: tipsips (M)Source: 4Tamarindus indica L.Pokot: oron (FDL)Marakwet: aron (M)Source: 1, 3, 4LEGUMINOSAE - MIMOSOIDEAE?Acacia abyssinica Benth. ssp calophylla BrenanPokot: hatatSource:·1Acacia brevispica HarmsPokot: kiptara, ptara (MDL)Marakwet: kiptare, korniswa, aiman (M)Source: 1, 3, 4, 5Acacia elatior Brenan ssp elatiorPokot: hatat (MFDL)Source: 1Acacia elatior Brenan ssp turkanae BrenanTurkana: esanyanait (FDL)Source: 2Acacia etbaica Schweinf. ssp platycarpa BrenanPokot: panyarit (DL)Turkana: eluwo (FDM)Source: 1, 2Acacia hockii De WildPokot: chooh, chuwu (MD)Marakwet: chuina, choror (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Acacia kirkii Oliv.Pokot: atat (MD)Source: 1, 4Acacia lahai Benth.Marakwet: telak (M)Source: 3Acacia mellifera (Vahl) Benth. ssp melliferaPokot: talamo, panyarit (MDL)Turkana: ebonyo (MFL)Marakwet: belel (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Acacia nilotica (L.) Del. ssp subalata (Vatke) BrenanPokot: kopkwo (MFL)Marakwet: ngobgwa (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4Acacia oerfota (Forssk.) Schweinf. (= A. nubica of Timberlake, Morgan, Tanaka)Pokot: pelil, chesamus (MDL)Turkana: epetet (ML)Source: 1, 2, 4Acacia paolii Chiov. ssp paucijuga BrenanTurkana: eiyelel (ML)Source: 2Acacia polyacantha Willd. ssp campylacantha (A. Rich.) BrenanPokot: kapombo (M)Source: 1, 4Acacia reficiens Wawra ssp misera (Vatke) BrenanPokot: anywa, panyarit (DL)Turkana: eregai (MDL)Source: 1, 2, 4, 5Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. var senegalPokot: chemangayan (FDL)Source: 1Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. var keniensis Schweinf.Turkana: ekunoit (FL)Source: 2Acacia seyal Del. var fistula (Schweinf.) Oliv.Pokot: rena (MFDL)Turkana: ekoromait (DL)Marakwet: reno (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4Acacia seyal Del. var seyalPokot: chooh, rena akoromwaSource: 4Acacia tortilis (Forssk.) Hayne ssp spirocarpa (A. Rich.) BrenanPokot: ses (MFDL)Turkana: ewoi, etir (FDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Albizia amara (Roxb.) Boiv. ssp sericocephala (Benth.) BrenanPokot: panan (MF)Source: 1, 4Albizia anthelmintica Brongo.Pokot: kapakiteng, mukutonuo (M)Marakwet: kitangwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Albizia gummifera (J.F. Gmel.) C.A. Sm.Marakwet: set (M)Source: 3Dichrostachys cinerea (L.) Wight & Am.Pokot: tiin (MDL)Source: 1, 4Faidherbia albida (Del.) A. Chev.Pokot: sangale (FL)Turkana: edurukoit (DL)Source: 1, 2Newtonia cf hildebrandtii (Vatke) Torre (= N. cf buchananii of Timberlake)Pokot: panan (M)Source: 1LEGUMINOSAE - PAPILIONOIDEAEAbrus precatorius L.Pokot: kamation (M)Source: 1Clitoria ternatea L.Source: 2Crotalaria deflersii Schweinf.Pokot: kontoloi, chepkopu (ML)Turkana: emeretSource: 1, 2Crotalaria incana L.Marakwet: kipgurgur (M)Source: 3Crotalaria laburnifolia L. ssp laburnifoliaPokot: chepokamok (L)Source: 1Crotalaria massaiensis Taub.Turkana: emeretSource: 2Crotalaria polysperma KotschyPokot: (F)Turkana: emeretSource: 1, 2Crotalaria pycnostachya Benth.Pokot: (DL)Source: 1Crotalaria saltinia Andr.Turkana: emeretSource: 2Crotalaria verdcourtii PolhillPokot: mamapomanguwian (L)Source: 1Dalbergia cf lactea VatkePokot: rokokon (DL)Source: 1Dolichos sericeus E. Mey.Marakwet: kepchororo, aramesai (M)Source: 5Dolichos sp.Marakwet: aramesoi, kipchoror (M)Source: 3Erythrina abyssinica DC.Pokot: korkorwo (MD)Marakwet: gorgorwa (M)Source: 1, 3Glycine wightii (Wight & Arn.) Verdc.Pokot: manguwian (L)Source: 1Indigofera arrecta A. Rich.Pokot: chesutow (D)Turkana: emeretMarakwet: sarkelat (M)Source: 1, 2, 3Indigofera cliffordiana GillettPokot: amerkunyan (L)Turkana: emaritoitSource: 1, 2Indigofera colutea (Burro. f.) Merrill·Source: 2Indigofera costata Guill. & Pert. ssp gonoides (Bak.) GillettTurkana: emeretSource: 2Indigofera emarginella A. Rich.Pokot: asatwo, asalwo (MD)Source: 1, 4Indigofera hochstetteri Bak.Pokot: amekunyan (L)Turkana: emeretSource: 1, 2Indigofera schimperi Jaub. & Spach var schimperiPokot: imangaretch (L)Turkana: emeretSource: 1, 2Indigofera spicata Forssk.Pokot: amekunyan (L)Source: 1, 4Indigofera spinosa Forssk.Turkana: emukuya (L)Source: 2Indigofera swaziensis Bolus var swaziensisPokot: taritich (D)Source: 1, 4Indigofera tinctoria L.Pokot: atula, chepkopu, cheporon (ML)Turkana: achor, emeret (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Lonchocarpus eriocalyx HarnsPokot: kupchurut (FD)Source: 1, 4Lonchocarpus laxiflorus Guill. & Perr.Marakwet: sigirio (M)Source: 5Lonchocarpus sp.Marakwet: sigiro (M)Source: 3Neorautanenia mitis (A. Rich.) Verde.Marakwet: kosum (M)Source: 3Ormocarpum keniense GillettPokot: kamaran, chesotim (ML)Source: 1Ormocarpum kirkii S. MoorePokot: kamaran (M)Source: 1Ormocarpum trichocarpum (Taub.) Engl.Pokot: kamaran (MD)Turkana: akurauSource: 1, 2, 4Rhynchosia malacophylla (Spreng.) Boj.Pokot: manguwian, keptanya, kelowomayus, pteima, mantuya (ML)Turkana: auk-egileSource: 1, 2Rhynchosia minima (L.) DC.Pokot: manguwian (L)Source: 1Rhynchosia sublobata (Schumach.) MeikleTurkana: auk-egileSource: 2Sesbania sericea (Willd.) LinkTurkana: nakalesoSource: 2Sesbania sesban (L.) Merrill var nubica Chiov.Pokot: sitowon, mamapoptarra (DL)Source: 1, 2Stylosanthes fruticosa (Retz.) AlstonPokot: chesiwaryon (MD)Source: 1, 4Tephrosia nubica (Boiss.) Bak. ssp nubicaPokot: kapetakini (FL)Turkana: achor, emaritoitSource: 1, 2Tephrosia polyphyila (Chiov.) GillettPokot: koropocheporon (L)Source: 1Tephrosia uniflora Pers.Pokot: kapetakini (ML)Turkana: amuriatSource: 1, 2Tephrosia villosa (L.) Pers. ssp ehrenbergiana (Schweinf.) BrummittPokot: chepakol(F)Source: 1Tephrosia sp.Pokot: chesigriyoSource: 4Vatovaea pseudolablab (Harms) GillettPokot: kelowo (F)Turkana: egilai (FL)Source: 1, 2Vigna friesiorum Harms var angustifolium Verde.Pokot: cheporon (M)Source: 1Vigna membranacea A. Rich. ssp caesia (Chiov.) Verde.Pokot: kelowo (FL)Source: 1Vigna radiata (L.) WilczekPokot: kunde (F)Source: 1Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.Pokot: marakwa (F)Source: 1Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. ssp dekindtiana (Harms) Verdc.Pokot: kunde (F)Source: 1Zornia glochidiata DC.Source: 1LOGANIACEAEBudddleja polystachya Fresen.Marakwet: gelelwa (M)Source: 3Nuxia congesta Fresen.Marakwet: chorua (M)Source: 3Strychnos henningsii GilgPokot: chepkamkam (M)Source: 1LORANTHACEAEEnglerina woodfordioides (Schweinf.) M.Gilbert (= Loranthus woodfordioides of Lindsay)Marakwet: sagorgetia (M)Source: 3Oncocalyx fischeri (Engl.) M. Gilbert (= Loranthusfischeri of Timberlake)Pokot: paratarit (FL)Source: 1Oncocalyx schimperi (A. Rich.) M. Gilbert (= Loranthus schimperi of Morgan)Turkana: edwelSource: 2Oncocalyx ugogensis (Engl.) Wiens & Polhill (= Loranthus ugogensis of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: paratarit (FL)Turkana: edwelSource: 1, 2Phragmanthera cf usuiensis (Oliv.) M. Gilbert (= Loranthus usuiensis of Lindsay)Marakwet: sagorgetia (M)Source: 3Plicosepalus curviflorus (Oliv.) Tiegh (= Loranthus curviflorus of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: paratarit (ML)Turkana: edwelSource: 1, 2Plicosepalus sagittifolius (Sprague) Danser (= Loranthus sagittifolius of Morgan)Turkana: edwel(L)Source: 2Tapinanthus ?platyphyllus (A. Rich.) Danser (= Loranthus platyphyllus of Timberlake)Pokot: paratarit (ML)Source: 1Tapinanthus sansibarensis (Engl.) Danser (= Loranthus sansibarensis of Morgan)Turkana: edwelSource: 2LYTHRACEAELawsonia inermis L.Pokot: kaparamenion, asachait (MFDL)Turkana: esajait (MDL)Source: 1, 2MALPIGHIACEAECaucanthus albidus (Nied.) Nied.Turkana: nakora (L)Source: 2Triaspis niedenzuiana Engl.Pokot: chepkorois (ML)Source: 1MALVACEAEAbutilon fruticosum Guill. & Perr.Pokot: pkapuyan, pelpe, kwapiyan (MFL)Turkana: (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Abutilon hirtum (Lam.) Sweet (= A. figarianum of Morgan)Pokot: pkapuyan, salkatiwa, chepkap (FDL)Turkana: asrilipog, ekuyen (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Abutilon mauritianum (Jacq.) Medic.Pokot: pkapuyan (FL)Turkana: akwangaMarakwet: jeptula (M)Source: 1, 2, 3Gossypium somalense (Gürke) J.B. Hutch.Source: 2Hibiscus aponeurus Sprague & Hutch.Pokot: tontolowoMarakwet: kiptelio (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Hibiscus cannabinus L.Pokot: chichin, peon (MD)Turkana: abuneSource: 1, 2Hibiscus dictyocarpus WebbTurkana: akwangaSource: 2Hibiscus lunariifolius Willd.Pokot: kwapiyan (M)Source: 4Hibiscus micranthus L. f.Pokot: tontolwo (FL)Turkana: akwangaSource: 1, 2Hibiscus ovalifolius Forssk. (= H calyphyllus of Timberlake, Morgan)Pokot: pkapuyan, pangoi, chawontanyan (L)Turkana: nauru-kasikou (ML)Source: 1, 2Hibiscus palmatus Forssk.Pokot: chelanget, chepnyarpatat, chawotanyan (FL)Source: 1Hibiscus rhabdotospermus GürckeTurkana: akwangaSource: 2Hibiscus sidiformis Baill.Pokot: chepsokon, chepluswo-blekwa (L)Source: 1Hibiscus vitifolius L. ssp vulgaris Exell & BrenanPokot: pkapuyan, chesapulion-tamasop (FL)Turkana: echekerengSource: 1, 2Pavonia patens sensu auct. mult.Pokot: pelpany, pelpe (FL)Turkana: akwangaSource: 1, 2Sida alba L.Pokot: (L)Turkana: loyongorokSource: 1, 2Sida ovata Forssk.Pokot: amekunyan-datamasai (L)Turkana: lonyaSource: 1, 2MELIACEAEEkebergia rueppelliana (Fresen.) A. Rich.Marakwet: kerbut (M)Source: 3Trichilia emetica Vahl (= T. roka of Morgan, Lindsay)Pokot: kiriteswo (MFDL)Turkana: ekuyen (FDL)Marakwet: kurteswa (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4Turraea mombassana C.DC.Pokot: nyermenuo (M)Source: 1, 4Turraea parvifolia Defl.Pokot: chesotim (M)Turkana: enampapa (L)Source: 1, 2MELIANTHACEAEBersama abyssinica Fresen. ssp abyssinicaMarakwet: kipset, kipsagas (M)Source: 3MENISPERMACEAEChasmanthera dependens Hochst.Pokot: pulomnion, chepanapewo, talamach (MFDL)Source: 1, 4Cissampelos mucronata A. Rich.Pokot: chepchan (F)Source: 1Cissampelos pareira L. var orbiculata (DC.) Miq.Pokot: malutiatito, malot (MD)Source: 1, 4Cocculus hirsutus (L.) DielsPokot: adirikwop (M)Turkana: lokitoe-kayep (ML)Source: 1, 2Cocculus pendulus (J.R. & G. Forst.) DielsTurkana: lokitoe-kayep (L)Source: 2MORACEAEFicus lutea VahlPokot: poyotwo (FD)Source: 1, 4Ficus populifolia VahlPokot: sosotwo (M)Turkana: ekuyenSource: 1, 2Ficus sur Forssk. (= F. capensis of Timberlake)Pokot: poyotwo (F)Source: 1Ficus sycomorus L.Pokot: mokongwo (FD)Turkana: echoke (FDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Ficus thonningii Blume (= F. dekdekena of Timberlake)Pokot: tipoywa, siyoyowo, cheptimanua (FDL)Source: 1Ficus vasta Forssk.Marakwet: beriotwa (M)Source: 3Ficus sp.Pokot: malmaltiyan (D)Source: 4MORINGACEAEMoringa stenopetala (Bak. f.) Cufod.Turkana: etebusoit (M)Source: 2MYRICACEAEMyrica salicifolia A. Rich.Marakwet: kitaloswa, kibogen, barsiginion (M)Source: 3, 5Myrica sp.Marakwet: kitaloswa (M)Source: 3MYRSINACEAEMaesa lanceolata Forssk.Marakwet: mborio, ribofio (M)Source: 3, 5Myrsine africana L.Marakwet: segatet (M)Source: 3, 5Rapanea melanophloeos (L.) Mez (= R. rhododendroides of Kokwaro)Marakwet: sitotwet, karabar (M)Source: 3, 5MYRTACEAEEucalyptus spMarakwet: (M)Source: 3Syzygium cordatum KraussMarakwet: reberwa (M)Source: 3NYCTAGINACEAEBoerhavia coccinea Mill.Pokot: lopuchin (ML)Turkana: edea, eleteSource: 1, 2Boerhavia diffusa L.Pokot: chepkratian (L)Source: 1, 2Boerhavia erecta L.Pokot: lopuchin, chepkratian, chemom (ML)Source: 1, 4Boerhavia repens L.Pokot: lopuchin, chepkratian (ML)Turkana: edea, eleteSource: 1, 2Commicarpus helenae (J.A. Schultes) Meikle (= C. stellatus of Timberlake; = C. verticillatus of Morgan)Pokot: lopuchin (ML)Turkana: nakuchitSource: 1, 2, 4Commicarpus plumbagineus (Cav.) Standl.Pokot: lopuchin (ML)Turkana: lokucin, losurulaich (ML)Marakwet: tanacit (M)Source: 1, 2, 5NYMPHAEACEAENymphaea lotus L.Turkana: gurum (F)Source: 2OCHNACEAEOchna inermis (Forssk.) Schweinf.Pokot: korkorkoyon (F)Turkana: lokiridingaiSource: 1, 2Ochna spPokot: korkorkoyon (M)Source: 4OLACACEAEXimenia americana L.Pokot: kunyotwo (MFD)Source: 1, 4Ximenia caffra Sond. var caffraPokot: kunyotwo (MFDL)Source: 1Ximenia caffra Sond. var natalensis Sond.Marakwet: tinyotwa (M)Source: Source: 3OLEACEAEJasminum floribundum Fresen.Pokot: kolion, sochon (MD)Marakwet: kongara (M)Source: 1, 3Jasminum fluminense Vell.Turkana: epelech (MD)Source: 2Olea europaea L. ssp africana (Mill.) P.S.GreenPokot: yemut (MD)Marakwet: yemit (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Schrebera alata (Hochst.) Welw.Pokot: chetuya (MD)Source: 1OLINIACEAEOlinia rochetiana A. Juss. (= O. usambarensis of Kokwaro)Marakwet: nerkwo (M)Source: 3, 5ONAGRACEAELudwigia erecta (L.) HaraTurkana: amarumSource: 2OPILIACEAEOpilia celtidifolia (Guill. & Perr.) Walp.Pokot: ngoror, chengoror (M)Source: 1, 4OROBANCHACEAECistanche tubulosa (Schenk) Hook. f.Turkana: lorimoch (L)Source: 2OXALIDACEAEBiophytum abyssinicum A. Rich.Pokot: kamakonSource: 1, 4Biophytum sp.Marakwet: konuch (M)Source: 3Oxalis corniculata L.Marakwet: sikwatarit (M)Source: 3PASSIFLORACEAEAdenia ellenbeckii HarmsPokot: kudowu (FL)Turkana: loarakimak, elemuSource: 1Adenia venenata Forssk.Turkana: elemu (D)Source: 2Adenia volkensii HarmsTurkana: loarakimak (MF)Source: 2Basananthe hanningtoniana (Mast.) De Wilde (= Tryphostemma volkensii of Morgan)Pokot: tapoyomono, tapoyo (FD)Turkana: lonyeSource: 1, 2, 4PEDALIACEAEPterodiscus ruspolii Engl.Pokot: chepakwaga, chepkwalkwalpomonung (M)Turkana: lotuk (ML)Source: 1, 2Sesamothamnus rivae Engl.Pokot: chepakwagaTurkana: loboria (MDL)Source: 1, 2Sesamum alatum Thonn.Turkana: loupeSource: 2Sesamum latifolium GillettPokot: simaywa, mamapochepkorok (L)Source: 1PHYTOLACCACEAEPhytolacca dodecandra LHérit.Marakwet: kipsugotit (M)Source: 3PITTOSPORACEAEPittosporum viridiflorum SimsMarakwet: jemnoa (M)Source: 3, 5PLUMBAGINACEAEPlumbago zeylanica L.Pokot: keriendus (ML)Source: 1, 4POLYGALACEAEPolygala erioptera DC.Pokot: lokolito (L)Turkana: lonomokerio (ML)Source: 1, 2Polygala kilimanjarica Chod.Turkana: amakakSource: 2Polygala liniflora Boj.Pokot: serutian dalalwa (L)Turkana: emaretSource: 1, 2Polygala persicariifolia DC.Marakwet: kisoiya (M)Source: 3Polygala senensis KlotzschSource: 1Polygala sphenoptera Fresen.Source: 1POLYGONACEAEOxygonum sinuatum (Meisn.) DammerPokot: chementril (F)Turkana: nakwa (ML)Source: 1, 2, 4Polygonum senegalense Meisn.Turkana: lotorosa (D)Source: 2PORTULACACEAEPortulaca foliosa Ker-Gawl.Pokot: lotular, tumeywo (L)Source: 1Portulaca oleracea L.Pokot: kaletelete (L)Turkana: elete (L)Source: 1, 2, 4Portulaca parensis Poelln.Pokot: chepsapul, tumeywo (FL)Source: 1Portulaca quadrifida L.Pokot: tumeywo (F)Turkana: echadae(L)Source: 1, 2, 4Portulaca sp A of UKWFSource: 1Talinum caffrum (Thunb.) Eckl. & Zeyh.Pokot: (L)Source: 1Talinum portulacifolium (Forssk.) Schweinf.Pokot: guyontopkokich, ongurwo, ngurmumwo (L)Turkana: ekalibochatSource: 1, 2PROTEACEAEFaurea saligna Harv.Marakwet: sirirte (M)Source: 3RANUNCULACEAEClematis simensis Fresen.Marakwet: pising, bisungwa (M)Source: 3Ranunculus multifidus Forssk.Marakwet: baiwandab tarit (M)Source: 3Thalictrum rhynchocarpum Dill. & A. Rich.Marakwet: kipsuruny (M)Source: 3RESEDACEAECaylusea abyssinica (Fresen.) Fisch. & Mey.Marakwet: jeptabilikwa (M)Source: 3RHAMNACEAEBerchemia discolor (Klotzsch) Hemsl.Pokot: muchukwo (MFDL)Turkana: emeyan (MFDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Rhamnus prinoides L'HéritMarakwet: kosisit (M)Source: 3Rhamnus staddo A. Rich.Marakwet: kipsur (M)Source: 3Scutia myrtina (Burm. f.) KurzMarakwet: tigagowa (M)Source: 3Ziziphus mauritiana Lam.Pokot: tolomwo (MFDL)Turkana: ekalalee (FL)Marakwet: tilomwa, yilomwa (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Ziziphus mucronata Willd. ssp mucronataPokot: tirokwo, omgwio (MFDL)Marakwet: nonoiywa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4ROSACEAEHagenia abyssinica (Bruce) J.F. Gmel.Marakwet: sewerwa (M)Source: 3Prunus africana (Hook. f.) Kalkm. (= Pygeum africanum of Lindsay)Marakwet: tendwet (M)Source: 3Rubus steudneri Schweinf.Marakwet: momonwa (M)Source: 5Rubus spMarakwet: momonwa (M)Source: 3RUBIACEAECanthium lactescens HiernPokot: putaro (MF)Marakwet: kerbetwa, kaibetwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Canthium setiflorum HiernPokot: molkotwo (MFL)Source: 1, 4Conostomium kenyense Bremek. (= C. microcarpum of Morgan)Turkana: lonomokerioSource: 1, 2Conostomium quadrangulare (Rendle) Cufod.Pokot: ketimongwo (M)Turkana: lokoroumwe (MFL)Marakwet: cheborabir (M)Source: 1, 2, 3Gardenia ternifolia Schumach. & Thonn. (= G. jovis-tonantis of Morgan)Pokot: kopulwo, akoroyon (MFD)Turkana: ekore (DL)Source: 1, 2, 3Gardenia volkensii K. Schum.Pokot: kopulwo, akoroyon (MD)Source: 1, 4Gardenia sp.Marakwet: magilion (M)Source: 3Kohautia caespitosa Schnizl. var amaniensis (K. Krause) Bremek. (= var hispidula of Lindsay)Pokot: chesodokis (L)Turkana: ekorimwumwe, enomokere (ML)Source: 1, 2Meyna tetraphylla (Hiern) Robyns. ssp comorensis (Robyns) Verde.Pokot: tulungwo (MFL)Source: 1, 4Oldenlandia corymbosa L. var linearis (DC.) Verde.Turkana: ewosimaiken (L)Source: 2Oldenlandia fastigiata Bremek. var somala (Bremek.) Verde. (= O. somala of Morgan)Turkana: edyaeSource: 2Otomeria oculata S. MooreTurkana: lodukaeSource: 1, 2Pavetta abyssinica Fresen.Marakwet: jeptabirirwa (M)Source: 3Pavetta gardeniifolia A. Rich.Pokot: chemchirpomasop (DL)Source: 1Pavetta oliveriana HiernMarakwet: terwech, kipchochin (M)Source: 3Pentanisia ouranogyne S. MoorePokot: chepusienmut, cheporus, kumaketSource: 1, 4Pentanisia schweinfurthii HiernPokot: polu (F)Source: 1Pentas longiflora Oliv.Marakwet: jepkole (M)Source: 3Pentas pubiflora S. MooreMarakwet: chebirirgorok (M)Source: 3Pentodon pentandrus (Schumach. & Thonn.) VatkeTurkana: loupe (MDL)Source: 2Psydrax schimperiana (A. Rich.) Bridson ssp schimperiana (= Canthium schimperianum of Lindsay)Marakwet: jeptue (M)Source: 3Rubia cordifolia L.Marakwet: kimnambai (M)Source: 3Tarenna graveolens (S. Moore) Bremek. Var impolita Bridson + var graveolensPokot: patagh, poto, pate (ML)Turkana: lomasei (ML)Source: 1, 2, 4Tricalysia niamniamensis HiernPokot: adirikwop (D)Source: 1, 4Vangueria acutiloba RobynsPokot: komolwo (F)Source: 1Vangueria madagascariensis Gmel.Pokot: komolwo (FD)Source: 1, 4RUTACEAEClausena anisata (Willd.) Benth.Marakwet: chebonoiywa (M)Source: 3Fagaropsis angolensis (Engl.) DaleMarakwet: kwiril (M)Source: 3Teclea nobilis Del.Pokot: chemchir, kurion (ML)Marakwet: lugumwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Toddalia asiatica (L.) Lam.Marakwet: kipkeres, kipkutai (M)Source: 3Vepris glomerata (F. Hoffm.) Engl. Var glomerata (= Teclea pilosa of Timberlake, Kokwaro)Pokot: manampelion (MDL)Source: 1, 5Vepris uguenensis Engl.Pokot: chemchir (F)Source: 1Zanthoxylum chalybeum Engl.Pokot: songowio (MFL)Marakwet: songoiywa, songururwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4, 5SALVADORACEAEDobera glabra (Forssk.) Poir.Pokot: korosion (MFL)Turkana: edapal(FL)Source: 1, 2, 4Dobera loranthifolia (Warb.) HarmsTurkana: edapalSource: 2Salvadora persica L.Pokot: asiokonion (MFDL)Turkana: esekon, ethokonii (MFDL)Source: 1, 2, 4, 5SANTALACEAEOsyris lanceolata Hochst. & Steud. (= O. abyssinica of Timberlake)Pokot: mormorwo (M)Marakwet: jemokabil (M)Source: 1, 3SAPINDACEAEAllophylus africanus Beauv.Pokot: chepkokai, chepokony (L)Source: 1Allophylus alnifolius (Bak.) Radlk.Pokot: chepkokaiSource: 1Cardiospermum corindum L.Pokot: tilion (DL)Turkana: ngitiriam (D)Source: 1, 2Cardiospermum halicacabum L.Turkana: etiriamit (DL)Source: 2Dodonaea angustifolia L. (= D. viscosa of Timberlake, Lindsay, Tanaka)Pokot: topolokwo (DL)Marakwet: tabilikwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4Haplocoelum foliolosum (Hiern) BullockPokot: mariokwo (DL)Source: 1Pappea capensis Eckl. & Zeyh.Pokot: puriokwo (MF)Source: 1, 4SAPOTACEAEManilkara mochisia (Bak.) DubardPokot: noswo, sopomonan (MF)Source: 1, 4Mimusops kummel A.DC.Pokot: chepolakutanian (MF)Source: 1, 4Mimusops spPokot: ngengechwa (F)Source: 4SCROPHULARIACEAEAnticharis linearis Aschers.Turkana: ewasinaiken (L)Source: 1, 2Aptosimum pumilum Benth.Turkana: akule-nachiSource: 2Craterostigma pumilum Hochst.Pokot: tabachSource: 1, 4Ghikaea speciosa (Rendle) DielsPokot: psalua, cheptoya (FD)Source: 1Lindenbergia sinaica Benth.Source: 2Pseudosopubia hildebrandtii (Vatke) Engl.Pokot: psalua (FL)Turkana: echama (DL)Source: 1, 2Striga spPokot: chepskut (M)Source: 1SIMAROUBACEAEHarrisonia abyssinica Oliv.Pokot: mukurkona (MF)Marakwet: kapkerelwa (M)Source: 1, 3, 4SOLANACEAEDatura stramonium L.Pokot: ponponuo, kmonuo, topsis, chepowaisha (D)Turkana: ebuneSource: 1, 2, 4Lycium shawii Roem. & Schult. (= L. europaeum of Timberlake, Morgan, Tanaka)Pokot: pkata, kipkata, chepkata (MF)Turkana: ekabekebekeSource: 1, 2, 4Nicotiana tabacum L.Marakwet: timote (M)Source: 3Solanum aculeastrum DunalMarakwet: sikawa (M)Source: 3Solanum anguivi Lam. (= S. indicum of Kokwaro)Marakwet: jibokemnerkeny (M)Source: 5Solanum coagulans Forssk. (= S. dubium of Timberlake, Morgan, Kokwaro)Pokot: lopotwoTurkana: esikilele (FL)Marakwet: ketbon (M)Source: 1, 2, 5Solanum hastifolium DunalPokot: adokomuroi, ngaisilion, kipkata (ML)Turkana: lodongamuroi (ML)Source: 1, 2, 4Solanum incanum L.Pokot: lopotwo (MDL)Turkana: etulelo (ML)Marakwet: labotwa, jebokimnerkeny (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.Solanum nigrum L.Pokot: ksoya (F)Turkana: (FL)Source: 1, 2, 4Solanum renschii VatkePokot: lopotwo-kaner, karamires, adokomuroi (M)Marakwet: ketbor (M)Source: 1, 3Withania somnifera (L.) DunalPokot: akakagh (M)Turkana: emotoeMarakwet: kipkogai (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4STERCULIACEAEDombeya rotundifolia (Hochst.) Planch.Marakwet: mogonja, mogorusta (M)Source: 3Dombeya torrida (J.F. Gmel.) Bamps (= D. goetzenii of Lindsay, Kokwaro)Marakwet: borowa (M)Source: 3, 5Hermannia cf boranensis K. Schum.Turkana: lonyangSource: 2Hermannia exappendiculata (Mast.) K. Schum.Pokot: kamsition (L)Source: 1Hermannia kirkii Mast.Pokot: tontoluo, cheptapok (L)Turkana: eosin-aikenySource: 1, 2Melhania ovata (Cav.) Spreng.Pokot: chepkapuyan, apetakinei, motir (FL)Turkana: akwangaSource: 1, 2Melhania velutina Forssk.Turkana: akwangaSource: 2Sterculia rhynchocarpa K. Schum.Turkana: etete (FL)Source: 2Sterculia stenocarpa H. Winkl.Pokot: lilwo (FD)Turkana: eteteSource: 1, 2, 4TAMARICACEAETamarix nilotica (Ehrenb.) BungeTurkana: echekerengSource: 2THYMELAEACEAEGnidia glauca (Fresen.) GilgMarakwet: kiris (M)Source: 3Gnidia involucrata A. Rich.Marakwet: kaibai (M)Source: 3TILIACEAECorchorus olitorius L.Turkana: (L)Source: 2Corchorus tridens L.Pokot: mamapochemeloi (DL)Source: 1Corchorus trilocularis L.Pokot: mamapotontoluo, chepkarkarien (L)Source: 1Grewia bicolor Juss.Pokot: sitat (MFDL)Turkana: ekali, epat (FDL)Source: 1, 2, 4Grewia erythraea Schweinf.Source: 2Grewia tembensis Fresen. var kakothamnos(K. Schum.) BurretTurkana: egomo, emalokere (MFL)Source: 2Grewia tenax (Forssk.) FioriPokot: toronwo, angolekere (MFL)Turkana: egomo, emalokere (FL)Source: 1, 2, 4Grewia trichocarpa A. Rich.Pokot: sitat (F)Source: 1Grewia villosa Willd.Pokot: mokuwio (MFDL)Turkana: epokoo, epongae (MFDL)Marakwet: mongurwa (M)Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Triumfetta flavescens A. Rich.Pokot: parnagnatian, chelaptit, pkapuyan polalwo, mernangat (L)Turkana: achekerengSource: 1, 2, 4Triumfetta pentandra A. Rich.Pokot: tontoluoSource: 1Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq.Pokot:kosirion,churukwony(ML)Source: 1, 4UMBELLIFERAE (see APIACEAE)URTICACEAEForsskaolea viridis WebbTurkana: (DL)Source: 1, 2VAHLIACEAEVahlia digyna (Retz.) Kuntze (= V. viscosa of Morgan)Turkana: ekajimait-nachi, lonyang (ML)Source: 2VERBENACEAEAsepalum eriantherum (Vahl) Marais (= Cyclocheilon eriantherum of Morgan)Turkana: angogSource: 2Chascanum hildebrandtii (Vatke) GillettPokot: cheptapok (L)Source: 1Chascanum marrubifolium Walp.Turkana: ekajimaitSource: 2Clerodendrum johnstonii Oliv.Marakwet: jesegao (M)Source: 3Clerodendrum myricoides (Hochst.) VatkeMarakwet: chebobet (M)Source: 3Clerodendrum spPokot: chepopet, chemokol (M)Source: 1, 4Lantana trifolia L.Marakwet: chemosong, kogombosuwa (M)Source: 3Lantana viburnoides (Forssk.) VahlTurkana: eteleSource: 2Lippia carviodora MeikleTurkana: esrilipongSource: 2Lippia javanica (Burm. f.) Spreng.Marakwet: mwokio (M)Source: 3Lippia ukambensis VatkePokot: chepchai, mosonyon (FL)Source: 1Lippia spPokot: eru (MD)Source: 1Premna resinosa (Hochst.) SchauerPokot: kokochwo (FDL)Source: 1, 4Premna sp.Pokot: chepopet (MD)Source: 4Vitex doniana SweetPokot: tirkirwo (F)Source: 1VITACEAEAmpelocissus africana (Lour.) Merr.Marakwet: kipsiriny (M)Source: 3Cayratia ruspolii (Gilg.) Suesseng.Pokot: kowat (M)Source: 1Cissus quadrangularis L.Pokot: sirkano-kapsakom, sirkenkasokong, tutuyon (M)Turkana: egis (M)Source: 1, 2, 4Cissus rotundifolia (Forssk.) VahlPokot: kwarkwarian (MFDL)Turkana: lobaraSource: 1, 2, 4Cyphostemma adenocaule (A. Rich.) Wild & Drumm.Pokot: kantano, mamapokantarelo (F)Source: 1Cyphostemma bambuseti (Gilg & Brandt) Wild & Drumm.Pokot: kantorolo (F)Source: 1Cyphostemma heterotrichum (Gilg & R.E. Fr.) Wild & Drumm.Pokot: kamchosion (M)Cyphostemma lentianum (Volk. & Gilg) Desc.Pokot: kantoroloSource: 1Cyphostemma nieriense (Th. Fr. jr) DescPokot: kantorolo (FL)Turkana: erodo (MFL)Source: 1, 2Cyphostemma nodiglandulosum (Th. Fr. jr) Desc. (= C. cyphopetalum of Lindsay, Kokwaro)Marakwet: kiptora, kibungwach, kipkawa (M)Source: 3, 5Rhoicissus tridentata (L. f.) Wild & Drumm.Pokot: taratwo (M)Marakwet: torotwa (M)Source: 1, 3ZYGOPHYLLACEAETribulus cistoides L.Pokot: askuru, ptapra (ML)Turkana: esuguru (L)Source: 1, 2Tribulus pentandrus Forssk. var micropteris (Kralik) H. Hosni (= T. mollis of Morgan)Turkana: esuguruSource: 2Tribulus terrestris L.Pokot: askuru (L)Turkana: esuguru (L)Source: 1, 2Zygophyllum simplex L.Turkana: apespesSource: 2References:1. Timberlake (1987)2. Morgan (1980, 1981)3. Lindsay (1978)4. Tanaka (1983)5. Kokwaro (1976)Abbreviations:M: medicinalF: foodD: domesticL: Livestock

Jonathan Timberlake "VERNACULAR NAMES AND USES OF PLANTS IN NORTHERN KENYA," Journal of East African Natural History 83(1), 31-69, (1 January 1994).[31:VNAUOP]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 January 1994
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