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19 December 2018 Imidacloprid Soil Drenches Affect Weight and Functional Response of Spined Soldier Bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)
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There are ongoing concerns of potential direct and indirect lethal and sublethal effects of insecticides on nontarget arthropod populations. The risk to natural enemies from systemic insecticides is mainly through exposure to the active ingredient by ingestion, and such risk may be elevated for omnivores that feed on treated plants, as well as herbivores that also feed on those same treated plants. Podisus maculiventris (Say), an important natural enemy in many agricultural systems, can be potentially exposed to the neonicotinoid imidacloprid when ingesting contaminated prey and feeding on plants subjected to soil-drench applications of this compound. In the current study, we examined the potential impact of imidacloprid soil drenches on some functional and morphological endpoints. Cabbage plants were treated with soil drenches of imidacloprid that corresponded to half and full recommended labels rates against whiteflies and aphids. Fourth instar diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (Linnaeus) (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae), larvae on plants were used as prey in our experiments; P. xylostella is not a target of imidacloprid applications but may co-occur with other pests in systems where the insecticide is applied. We found that exposure to imidacloprid-treated plants did not cause significant mortality neither to P. maculiventris nor to P. xylostella, but both treatment concentrations impaired the predation, with consequences for predator weight gain during the assessment period. Our results corroborate those from other studies and demonstrate that effects from systemic insecticides can transcend trophic levels to affect natural enemies indirectly, such as through exposure from feeding on pests not targeted by the insecticide.

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Geverson A. Resende-Silva, Leonardo M. Turchen, Raul Narciso C. Guedes, and G. Christopher Cutler "Imidacloprid Soil Drenches Affect Weight and Functional Response of Spined Soldier Bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)," Journal of Economic Entomology 112(2), 558-564, (19 December 2018).
Received: 18 September 2018; Accepted: 27 November 2018; Published: 19 December 2018

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