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11 January 2019 Common Origin of Brazilian and Colombian Populations of the Neotropical Coffee Leaf Miner, Leucoptera coffeella (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae)
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The coffee leaf miner, Leucoptera coffeella (Guérin-Mèneville & Perrottet, 1842), probably infested coffee plants in Neotropical America during the 19th century.The species subsequently became a key pest of coffee plants in Brazil, but not in Colombia, the two main coffee producers in the region.The contrasting importance of the coffee leaf miner in Brazil and Colombia may be the result of the evolutionary and demographic history of this species. Therefore, our goal was to test two alternative hypotheses regarding the possible genetic origins of this species: 1) leaf miners in both countries share the same origin and 2) the leaf miner arrived in both countries independently from distinct sources and subsequently diversified without genetic exchange between countries. Thus, DNA sequence data of 21 populations were collected (Brazil, 16; Colombia, 5), and partial sequences of their cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI), cytochrome b (Cytb), and the nuclear internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region were obtained to test these hypotheses. Both nuclear and mitochondrial molecular markers showed low nucleotide diversity. Analyses of molecular variance indicated higher variability within population in both concatenated mitochondrial genes and ITS region (70.57 and 84.01%, respectively). Finally, geno/haplotype networks showed each central geno/haplotypes that displayed high frequency and were distributed widely in both countries. Low-frequency geno/haplotypes were at tip positions connected to the central geno/haplotypes through single mutation steps, suggesting that the Neotropical coffee leaf miner in both Brazil and Colombia consists of a single species and exhibits a common and recent genetic origin.

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Laura M. Pantoja-Gomez, Alberto S. Corrêa, Luiz Orlando de Oliveira, and Raul Narciso C. Guedes "Common Origin of Brazilian and Colombian Populations of the Neotropical Coffee Leaf Miner, Leucoptera coffeella (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae)," Journal of Economic Entomology 112(2), 924-931, (11 January 2019).
Received: 7 September 2018; Accepted: 10 December 2018; Published: 11 January 2019

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