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26 October 2020 Occurrence of Distinct Carabid Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Myra A. Abayon, Richard B. Parilla, Bernard Lassalle, Rainer Schnell
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Surveys were conducted in six protected forests of Region VIII (Eastern Visayas) of the Philippines, namely Lake Danao, Mt. Nacolod, Kuapnit Balinsasayao, Asug Forest, City Forest, and Closed Canopy, from January to June of 2019. A total of 7,844 individuals belonging to 41 species, 25 genera, 13 tribes, and 2 subfamilies were recorded in the six selected forests of Leyte and Samar, Eastern Visayas, Philippines. Twenty-six species were recorded from Lake Danao, 32 species in Mt. Nacolod, 20 species in Kuapnit Balinsasayao Forest, 11 species in Asug Forest, 19 species in City Forest, and 26 species in Closed Canopy Forest. A total of 19 endemic species were recorded, of which 12 are endemic to the Philippines, 6 are endemic to Leyte, and 1 is endemic to Samar. The survey found new species and new records of carabid beetles in the region. The new records include Brachinus leytensis (Lassalle & Schnell), Trigonotoma goeltenbothi (Lassalle, Roux & Schnell), Pheropsophus uliweberi (Lassalle & Schnell) in Leyte, and Lesticus samarensis (Dubault, Lassalle & Roux) in Samar. The new species are Pheropsophus uliweberi (Lassalle & Schnell) and Pheropsophus sp. (Lassalle & Schnell), both found in Leyte. These findings demonstrate that the forests in Eastern Visayas can be considered as centers of carabid diversity. Appropriate protection and conservation strategies should be implemented.

Myra A. Abayon, Richard B. Parilla, Bernard Lassalle, and Rainer Schnell "Occurrence of Distinct Carabid Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Eastern Visayas, Philippines," Journal of Entomological Science 55(4), 507-519, (26 October 2020).
Received: 17 November 2019; Accepted: 15 December 2019; Published: 26 October 2020

carabid beetles
protected forests
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