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17 April 2020 Efficacy of Seven Commercial Household Aerosol Insecticides and Formulation-Dependent Toxicity Against Asian Tiger Mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae)
Junho Yoon, Huijun An, Namjin Kim, Jun-Hyung Tak
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For the indoor and outdoor pest controls, various types of insecticide formulations are available including aerosols, sprays, electric vaporizers, mosquito coils, and traps. In the present study, the insecticidal activity of aerosols, the most commonly used formulation of household insecticides for mosquito control, against Aedes albopictus (Skuse) was assessed using seven commercial products and some attributes which can affect the efficacy of aerosol were investigated as well. The products had difference in their chemical composition of active ingredients, propellant/liquid phase ratios, solvent types, and nozzle orifice sizes, and these characteristics seem to affect the overall insecticidal activity. In general, solvent type dominantly determined the insecticidal activity, where four products in oil-based solvent system showed greater mortality (97.5% in average) than water-based aerosols (38.3% in average) against the mosquitoes located at the far side of the test chamber. The contribution of solvent type and nozzle orifice size were further examined with the sample aerosols, and the orifice size were determined more influential to the spray distance. Regardless of solvent types, the sample products attached to a bigger actuator (0.96 mm in diameter) showed greater knock-down activity (>98%) than the smaller ones (0.48 mm, 62.5% in average) to the back panel in the chamber. On the other hand, solvent system significantly affected the residual activity, as the oil-based and water-based aerosols showed 2.3- and 4.8-fold decrease in KT50 values, respectively, between 1 and 10 min after the spray.

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Junho Yoon, Huijun An, Namjin Kim, and Jun-Hyung Tak "Efficacy of Seven Commercial Household Aerosol Insecticides and Formulation-Dependent Toxicity Against Asian Tiger Mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae)," Journal of Medical Entomology 57(5), 1560-1566, (17 April 2020).
Received: 1 February 2020; Accepted: 17 March 2020; Published: 17 April 2020

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Aedes albopictus
aerosol insecticides
insecticide efficacy
insecticide formulation
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