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9 September 2020 Morphological and Chromatic Variation in Four Populations of Triatoma mexicana (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)
Nancy Rivas, Victor Sánchez-Cordero, Alejandro D. Camacho, Ricardo Alejandre-Aguilar
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Triatoma mexicana is an endemic species of Mexico and is distributed in the states of Hidalgo, Queretaro, Guanajuato, and San Luis Potosi, being naturally infected with Trypanosoma cruzi, which increases its importance in the region. The species description was made in 1848, but there are only a few studies on its morphology, biology, and behavior. The present manuscript shows the presence of morphological and chromatic variations among populations of T. mexicana from the states of Hidalgo (Valle del Mezquital and Meztitlan), Guanajuato and Queretaro. The study employed 136 specimens collected in four locations. Scanning electron microscopy was used to study the morphological characteristics of the head, pronotum, and scutellum; also, we measured the width of the abdomen and the total length in the specimens of each population. The morphometric analysis considered 19 variables in the previous structures. Significant differences were found in the dimensions of the head and pronotum, but not in the scutellum; there is clear discrimination among the four proposed populations. The chromatic patterns observed in the connexivum go from yellow to brown and show some significant differences related to geographical origin. The set of evaluated characters showed a higher degree of difference in the population of Guanajuato, clearly separating from the rest of the populations, indicating the possibility of a divergence process. The characteristics observed in the remaining populations could be adaptive responses to their habitat.

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Nancy Rivas, Victor Sánchez-Cordero, Alejandro D. Camacho, and Ricardo Alejandre-Aguilar "Morphological and Chromatic Variation in Four Populations of Triatoma mexicana (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)," Journal of Medical Entomology 58(1), 274-285, (9 September 2020).
Received: 8 June 2020; Accepted: 23 July 2020; Published: 9 September 2020

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chromatic variation
Triatoma mexicana
vector of Chagas disease
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