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26 March 2024 GIS Analysis for Hazard Assessment of Drought Using SPI in Fars Province, Iran
Masoudi Masoud, Taheri Zahra
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Drought is one of the main natural hazards affecting large areas' economies and the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to study the different aspects of the drought on the land with several indices like the Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) index which can clarify the existing conditions for decisions and planning. The objective of this study was to analyze the spatial pattern of drought by SPI index in the Fars Province located in the Southern part of Iran. In this paper, according to the data from 42 stations in Fars Province, during 1990-2019, the pattern of drought hazard is evaluated. In the presented model, several drought hazard criteria were used including the maximum severity of drought in the period, the trend of drought, and the maximum number of sequential arid years. The final drought risk map was obtained with an arithmetic mean of 3 criteria: intensity, continuity, and trend. The three criteria maps and final hazard map were interpolated by the Inverse Distance Weightage (IDW) method and classified into five hazard classes none, slight, moderate, severe, and very severe. The obtained maps showed that the intensity, trend, and continuity of drought increases from the southeast to the northwest. The final vulnerability map shows that moderate hazard areas (36% of the region) observed in the Southern parts of the region are less widespread than areas under severe and very severe hazard (64% of the region) observed in the northern and central parts of the region. Preparation of these hazard maps may prove to be helpful for regional managers, and policymakers for environmental and agricultural strategies, not only in Iran but also in other countries facing this hazard.

Masoudi Masoud and Taheri Zahra "GIS Analysis for Hazard Assessment of Drought Using SPI in Fars Province, Iran," Journal of Resources and Ecology 15(2), 439-447, (26 March 2024).
Received: 11 October 2022; Accepted: 10 May 2023; Published: 26 March 2024
Fars province
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