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1 July 2017 Framework Design of Eco-Technology Evaluation Platform and Integration System
Xiao Yu, Xie Gaodi, Zhen Lin
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Global ecological degradation is a matter of enormous concern. In the early 20st century, the United States, Europe and China began to apply eco-technology to ecosystem management and restoration in order to slow down or stop ecological degradation. To date, there has been neither a systematic summary and scientific evaluation, nor is there a unified platform to describe ecological degradation problems in different areas and existing eco-technologies. These shortcomings have hindered the popularization and application of technologies. This study intends to build an eco-technology evaluation platform and integration system that brings together heterogeneous data from multiple sources. The key technology of the eco-technology evaluation platform and integration system is information integration technology. We will establish a metadata engine based on metadata storage to achieve access to and integration of metadata and heterogeneous data sources. The information integration mode based on a metamodel addresses information heterogeneity at four levels: system, syntax, structure and semantics. We develop the framework for an eco-technology evaluation platform and integration system to integrate ecotechnology databases, eco-technology evaluation model databases, eco-technology evaluation parameter databases and spatial databases of ecological degradation and eco-technology with metadata and metamodel integration mode. This system can support functions for the query and display of global and typical ecological degradation and the query, display, evaluation and prioritization of eco-technologies, which can realize the visualization of global and Chinese ecological degradation and eco-technology evaluation and prioritization. This system will help government decision makers and relevant departments to understand ecological degradation and the effects of ecotechnology implementation.

Xiao Yu, Xie Gaodi, and Zhen Lin "Framework Design of Eco-Technology Evaluation Platform and Integration System," Journal of Resources and Ecology 8(4), 325-331, (1 July 2017).
Received: 28 April 2017; Accepted: 1 June 2017; Published: 1 July 2017

eco-technology evaluation
eco-technology prioritization
integrated system
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