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1 August 2017 Industry-Supported Sampling Underpins Temporal Management Policy Change in a Commercial Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii) Fishery
Adrian Linnane, Lachlan McLeay, Richard McGarvey, Annabel Jones
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A winter fishery closure has existed in the northern zone rock lobster fishery of South Australia since 1966. This study describes the process undertaken to review and ultimately change temporal management policy with the aim of providing greater fishing flexibility to the commercial fishing sector. The work was driven by a research subcommittee (RSC) project team consisting of various stakeholder groups that included commercial fishers, fishery research scientists, resource managers, and conservation representatives. The RSC ultimately reported to the South Australian Rock Lobster Fisheries Management Advisory Committee (RLFMAC), an expertise-based, advisory body to the South Australian Government. To inform management discussions and possible policy change, the RSC proposed monthly sampling surveys during the winter fishery closure to examine key aspects of the catch composition. Sampling was underpinned by strong industry support in terms of survey logistics. Results were reviewed by the RSC and indicated that compared with the regular fishing season, closed season surveys identified (1) low catch rates of undersized lobsters; (2) reduced levels of predation mortality; (3) low contribution of female lobsters to the catch; and (4) negligible impacts on key bycatch species. Based on these findings, the RLFMAC recommended that policy changes in relation to the winter fishing closure could be considered. In June 2016, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia implemented the removal of the winter closure in an offshore region (>80 m depth) of the fishery resulting in a 12-mo fishing season for this area. The winter closure in the remainder of the fishery can be reconsidered after a 3 y period. This work is an example of industry, science, and Government collaboration to deliver management outcomes from industry-supported research.

Adrian Linnane, Lachlan McLeay, Richard McGarvey, and Annabel Jones "Industry-Supported Sampling Underpins Temporal Management Policy Change in a Commercial Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii) Fishery," Journal of Shellfish Research 36(2), 511-517, (1 August 2017).
Published: 1 August 2017

catch composition
Jasus edwardsii
rock lobster
temporal management
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