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1 October 1989 Hematozoa from the Spotted Owl
R. J. Gutiérrez
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One hundred five spotted owls (Strix Occidentalis) from seven populations and three subspecies were examined for hematozoa. Hacmoproteus noctuae, H. syrnii, Leucocyto-zoon ziemanni, Trypanosoma avium, Atoxoplasma sp. and unidentified microfilariae were recorded. All northern (S. occidentalis caurina), California (S. occidentalis occidentalis) and Mexican (S. occidentalis lucida) spotted owls were infected with at least one hematozoan; 79% had multiple infections. Twenty-two percent of the owls were infected with as many as four species of parasites. There were significant differences in the prevalence of these species of parasites occurring among the five populations of northern and California spotted owls sampled in California. Haemoproteus noctuae, H. syrnii and Atoxoplasma sp. represented new host records for this host species.

Gutiérrez: Hematozoa from the Spotted Owl
R. J. Gutiérrez "Hematozoa from the Spotted Owl," Journal of Wildlife Diseases 25(4), 614-618, (1 October 1989).
Received: 24 January 1989; Published: 1 October 1989
Atoxoplasma sp
Haemoproteus spp
Leucocyto-zoon ziemanni
Spotted Owl
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