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1 April 2000 Pulmonary Protostrongyliasis in a Mountain Hare from Italy
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An adult male mountain hare (Lepus timidus), shot during the hunting season on the slopes of Mt. Civetta (eastern Alps, Veneto, northeastern Italy), was eviscerated and diffuse nodular lesions of verminous pneumonia were observed. Adult helminths were collected and male specimens were identified as Protostrongylus pulmonalis. Histologically, a non-purulent interstitial pneumonia and a desquamative bronchiolitis and alveolitis, along with thickening of alveolar septa, were apparent in the nodules. In several enlarged alveoli, a large number of eggs and larvae of nematodes were found. This is the first recorded case of protostrongyliasis in mountain hares from Italy and from an alpine population.

Battisti, Di Paolo, and Di Guardo: Pulmonary Protostrongyliasis in a Mountain Hare from Italy
Antonio Battisti, Michele Di Paolo, and Giovanni Di Guardo "Pulmonary Protostrongyliasis in a Mountain Hare from Italy," Journal of Wildlife Diseases 36(2), 367-369, (1 April 2000).
Received: 23 March 1999; Published: 1 April 2000

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