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1 July 2004 Clinical Pathology of Nestling Marabou Storks in Uganda
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Packed cell volumes (PCV) and plasma chemistry parameters were measured in 20 nestling marabou storks (Leptoptilos crumeniferus) in January 2003 that were a part of a colony located in the center of the city of Kampala, Uganda. There were no significant differences (P≥0.05) in plasma chemistry values or PCV between sexes with the exception of globulin and total plasma protein values, which were higher in females. There were significant differences (P≤0.05) in blood glucose, creatine kinase, and globulin levels between birds of different body weight. Total plasma protein, uric acid, phosphorous, and creatine kinase were generally higher relative to published data on other avian species, including nestling white storks (Ciconia ciconia).

Hollamby, Afema-Azikuru, Sikarskie, Stuht, Bowerman, Kaneene, Fitzgerald, Cameron, Gandolf, Hui, Dranzoa, and Rumbeiha: Clinical Pathology of Nestling Marabou Storks in Uganda
Received: 13 June 2003; Published: 1 July 2004

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