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1 June 2009 Parasites of Selected Reptiles of the National Zoological Garden, Sri Lanka
Saminda P. Fernando, Preethi V. Udagama-Randeniya
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The National Zoological Garden plays a vital role in conservation of reptiles in Sri Lanka. Since parasitic infestations of captive reptiles can impact their health, a survey for intestinal parasites and ectoparasites was conducted on 19 selected reptilian species (14 snakes, four chelonians, and one crocodilian) housed at the National Zoological Garden, Sri Lanka. Of the reptiles screened, 62% (N = 139) were infected with parasites; 66% and 24% exclusively harbored intestinal and ecto parasites, respectively, while 10% carried both types of parasites. Three ticks (Ixodidae), two adult cestodes, plerocercoid larvae, and four nematode species were recovered during this survey. Three types of nematode ova and a single type of digenian ova, protozoan cysts, L3 nematode larvae, and a protozoan were detected in the feces. In this first systematic survey of reptilian parasites in Sri Lanka, four new host–parasite records are documented.

Saminda P. Fernando and Preethi V. Udagama-Randeniya "Parasites of Selected Reptiles of the National Zoological Garden, Sri Lanka," Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 40(2), 272-275, (1 June 2009).
Received: 24 March 2008; Published: 1 June 2009

intestinal parasites
National Zoological Garden
Reptile conservation
reptilian hosts
Sri Lanka
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